Dear Editor:

In response to the letter "Protecting our children" (The Sentinel, Aug. 20, 2019), I would like to point out something we understood while in high school in the mid-70s.

There was a time when students with driver's and hunting licenses drove their pickups to school with gun racks in their back windows. Their high powered rifles viewable, and windows cracked were always respected. Yet school shootings were unheard of then.

At home we had a gun rack on the living room wall with hunting rifles and bows and ammo in plain sight. We respected the adults' rules to not even go near them. And yet shootings within the homes were not heard of then.

I can remember when we had dress codes. But once the dress codes were relaxed it didn't seem long before pregnancy and drop-out rates among teenage girls began to rise, something unheard of back then.

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Many have derided the idea of a moral compass, but since humanistic ideologies seeped in things began to go awry. Along with that so did the moral compass. Without a basis for morality founded on godly principles the social order eroded into a basic animal instinct.

To boil it down; if we want to protect our children then we need to look at where we were in the past when things were safer, simpler, maybe not perfect, and we didn't have all the chaos that we want to shield them from today. What existed then that doesn't exist now?

Are we willing to give up some of those things that society accepts now that it didn't then and resume the moral compass based on godly living which went out with the dress codes of the early sixties?

Charles F. Yana II


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