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Dear Editor: 

While First Lady, I had the honor of joining other Pennsylvanians in celebrating the life of a remarkable but little-known citizen during Women’s History Month.

Hannah Penn, wife of founder William Penn, had complete legal and financial responsibility of the colony of Pennsylvania for 14 years during her husband’s illness and after his death. She was governor of this state in all but title. A smart, courageous and talented woman, she led the young colony through some of its most challenging years, saving the colony from bankruptcy, settling its borders, and making peace with native tribes.

And this election year — almost 300 years after Hannah Penn — Pennsylvania Republicans have an opportunity to nominate for governor an accomplished, courageous and talented leader who happens to be a woman.

Laura Ellsworth is a nationally recognized lawyer specializing in complex litigation. She has managed the Pittsburgh office of a global law firm and heads their philanthropic work around the world. Laura has devoted her time and talents to making our communities a better place for all to live, spearheading economic growth and raising millions of dollars to support groundbreaking research to help children of all ages.

Nationally, she is ensuring that veterans have easy access to legal services. And, as a volunteer, she has served in state agencies that focus on education, economic development, and the arts.

The stakes are high in a governor’s race, and the Republican primary has been particularly contentious this year. Laura Ellsworth has stayed above the fray, focusing on solutions to Pennsylvania’s challenges. She is result-driven, and is an accomplished leader who is smart, articulate, energetic, passionate and compassionate.

Three hundred years after Hannah Penn, it’s time to put an accomplished woman in charge.

Susan Corbett


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