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Dear Editor:

Jonah Goldberg’s excellent commentary, “The Problem with the left’s attempt to redefine Racism” (The Sentinel, Aug. 15, 2018) was excellent and well written. In all areas of human existence, from equality in the law, fair representation, to the first amendment and it’s guaranteed rights we American’s hold, needs to be upheld fairly, even when life can be unfair.

The left in our nation keeps trying to redefine what racism or this or that “ism” means, and the same left claims to be so tolerant of all viewpoints, and yet becomes the most intolerant and hateful kind of persons, if you dare have a viewpoint that opposes theirs. You can say that both sides of the political debate do this, and it’s evident in how divided our nation is today.

It is very wrong that the liberal left can say whatever it wants without consequence or criticism, while the conservative right has to keep its speech in check. Yes indeed, double standards are always wrong and do breed resentment and rage. It is no mystery today, that the conservative news outlets, like Newsmax (both their tv and website),, Fox News, and the reliable AM Conservative talk radio, have seen major growth in audience, as the real truth always will prevail, while the biased liberal news outlets, like the three major networks, CNN, NPR, the atrocious MSNBC, and the many major newspapers, are losing subscribers and declining viewers, due to their one-sided, false liberal bias.

Double standards, the militant PC movement, and liberalism in general are all on their way out as a silent majority of Americans do not buy what they are selling.

T.J. Murray


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