Dear Editor:

It is sad that we’ve lost the ability to distinguish between legal and illegal as well as right and wrong.

A good example is smoking. There is not a wise doctor in our nation that would declare smoking to be a healthy benefit. Yet legislators, taking the cowardly route, simply mandate warning labels, smoke-free zones, and age limits. Never mind right and wrong.

Another example is legislation declaring our schools to be Bible-free zones in spite of our first amendment. Someone offended by seeing a bible on a teacher’s desk may sue the school. Rather than spending funds to preserve the knowledge of the ultimate foundation of our entire legal system, most schools simply declare the Bible to be unwelcome and a forbidden book.

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A third example of blurring legal/illegal and right/wrong is our nation’s failure to protect life before birth. To accommodate parents who may for any or no reason, not want a child, we simply legislate the authorization to terminate life at some point up to even the moment of birth.

By the way, our failure to teach Biblical principles not only blurs right and wrong but actually lowers the value of life itself — an encouragement to our plague of mass shootings.

Fred Battles


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