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Letter: Defining the theory

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John Micek (The Sentinel opinion page, June 9) derides Pennsylvania legislators for saying something Martin Luther King could have said: “Our schools should be teaching that every individual is equal under the law and that no individual should ever be labeled superior or inferior simply due to their race or genetic makeup, nor be held responsible for actions taken by others with similar traits.”

Micek ridicules lawmakers who say critical race theory “interfere(s) with our constitutional duty to support and maintain a thorough and efficient system of public education.” He declares, “Which, of course, is nonsense.”

When did Micek’s view become an established, irrefutable fact? Perhaps “in my opinion,” or “I believe,” or even “all the woke Leftists I listen to say….” But it is journalistic malpractice to misrepresent his opinion as undisputed fact.

It is even more disingenuous to quote a Black lawmaker as saying, “Critical Race Theory is not taught in K-12 schools” — omitting the key word, “yet.” Concerned parents and legislators are trying to prevent just that — because they love their children and honor America (despite her many faults).

If Micek doesn’t see the push to make critical race theory and the 1619 Project part of the curriculum in the schoolroom, he isn’t paying attention. If he indeed recognizes that, he is being deceptive with carefully parsed statements that critical race theory is just “taught in some law schools and graduate schools of education.”

Micek quoted, “All across the country peddlers of racial division are spreading misinformation” – exactly, but in the form of critical race theory. Working to keep those pernicious teachings out of K-12 education is not “creating a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.”

Micek’s selective dishonesty is far from alone in contemporary journalism. “In other words, it’s another day at the office for the modern” media.

Cloyd Gatrell



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