Letter: County school districts

Letter: County school districts


Dear Editor:

Why on the world stage of education is our country falling far behind other countries? Is it our teachers? No! Well maybe some.

Is it the unions/school boards? Yes! Mainly the school boards. There are over 500 school districts in Pa. and 11 in Cumberland County. You would think that you would need some skills to be elected a school board. Wrong! All you need is to be breathing. You will be elected to either the majority or the minority party.

You would hope to be in the first group. The majority gets to do all the good stuff. They can spend and spend with no limits. Just think how much the property owners would save if the state would take these 11 school districts and make one county district. "Wishful thinking." People elect their representative the same way they elect school board members — you must be breathing.

Property tax money is a huge issue. But the school boards are a much bigger issue. So why are we dumping our property tax dollars into something that is constantly on the down slide? They are letting our children graduate unable to fill out a proper resume to secure a good job. Foreign students are far more qualified to perform these good jobs.

Then we ask "why are these foreigners taking our jobs." Because they are far more qualified to perform the requirements. Take away 10 of these school districts. Use that huge savings and compensate and elect qualified school board members and also lighten the load off property owners. Teach the basic skills — reading, writing and arithmetic.

Keep your political correctness in your own home and stop teaching our kids this nonsense, and you will see very soon a much better and smarter student.

Roger Spitz



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