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Dear Editor:

This is in response to the letter to the editor titled "Support reproductive justice" (The Sentinel, Nov. 21, 2018). Not sure what Bible James Cavenaugh is getting his information from on how Christians are to "support abortion rights or funding for Planned Parenthood."

He chided letter writer James Grove and others of like mind for not doing their homework as though he is the expert on Christian faith and what the Bible teaches concerning this subject. Yes, God is pro-choice. But He is also pro-justice.

Saying "that Planned Parenthood across the U.S. is the single biggest abortion-prevention organization in existence" leaves one to wonder where he got his statistics, especially when he referenced his 'knowledge' of what has transpired "since prehistoric times." If truth be told and the unlearned be educated, Margaret Sanger's reasoning and vision behind eugenics of what she termed "inferior races" would be considered un-Christian, immoral, and racist.

So, what does the Bible teach on this issue?

In Genesis 38 we read about a man named Onan who was supposed to marry his dead brother's wife and "raise up seed" to his brother according to Mosaic Law. Knowing his offspring wouldn't be his own he practiced a form of birth control and God took his life for it. Context always demands understanding. That law was for the Israelites to preserve the heritage of the dead. I for one am not against preventing conception as a means of responsible "family planning," but stop at approving taking lives of innocence once conception has occurred.

One of the seven things God hates is "hands that shed innocent blood" (Pro 6:17). How much more innocent can we get than that of unborn children and where is their justice served when they are aborted?

Charles F. Yana II


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