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Letter: Constitutional Carry a mistake

Letter: Constitutional Carry a mistake

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Dear Editor:

The current move to pass a constitutional carry (unrestricted open or concealed gun carrying) bill is ludicrous, especially in the light of the more than 260 mass shootings so far this year. This does not include the innumerable daily individual shootings.

The NRA says the solution to gun violence is more guns. This is the same as saying the solution to all the heroin deaths is more heroin. The 2nd amendment calls for a well regulated militia. If you want to use military grade weapons (i.e. AR 15s, AK 47s) then join the army where you can train with them properly. Any potentially dangerous tool requires training and sometimes licensing.

To drive a car, we have to take test on the rules of the road and then take a driving exam to show proficiency with the vehicle. To use a chain saw on an Appalachian Trail crew, you have to take a safety course where you learn to properly and safely operate it. Should a gun be any different? Shouldn't we learn what the norms of behavior with a gun should be; how to properly hold, operate, shoot, clean and store a gun in a safe manner.

Our cars are registered and we need licenses to drive them, should firearms be any different? This would cut down on thefts and illegal guns on the street. I cannot imagine how much more dangerous it will be for police officers or for the general public if constitutional carry lets anyone carry a gun.

How many more road rage incidents, suicides, domestic violence, accidental shootings or barroom shootouts there will be if everyone is packing. The smallest perceived slight could turn deadly in an instant. The wild west may be good TV, but I am not sure that is the environment I want for my community.

Brian Robertson

Mt Holly Springs


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