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Letter: A salute to Toomey

Letter: A salute to Toomey


Dear Editor:

I have sometimes been critical in the past of Sen. Pat Toomey for his positions on many topics. I arise to praise him on this occasion.

The country has been put in turmoil by the actions of our former president who inflicted constant lies on us for the past four years. His latest escapade was such a serious matter for the United States and ripped into everything that Americans hold true for the operation of our Democracy.

Sen. Toomey stood up and spoke against the latest action by our then president. The insurrection at the Capitol was of such severity. No one would have thought 10 years ago that a leader could cause such a division in the United States based on a lie. Any suggestion at that time that an insurrection would occur was preposterous.

Sen. Toomey is to be congratulated for standing up, after seeing the insurrection first hand, watching the videos and the other evidence, to vote to impeach former President Donald Trump. Sen. Toomey clearly saw as nonsense that most of the GOP senators claimed to be the basis of their cowardly decisions does not hold up in our Constitution and actual U.S. history. This charade would not have been an issue at all if Sen. McConnel would have had the fortitude to call the Senate back into session when he could have done easily.

My view, Sen. Toomey has acted ethically and honorably in the best tradition of the real historic true conservative Republican Party. Sen. Toomey stood up and voted his conscience as any person should have as all America saw the true facts of the case.

James H. Massey Jr.

East Pennsboro Township


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