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Dear Editor:

George Scott, who lost his bid for Congress by less than 3 percentage points Nov. 6, was the real deal, a superbly qualified candidate with a genuine desire to serve. Unlike any campaign I’ve ever volunteered for, this one was a proverbial “Field of Dreams,” with people pouring in from all over to help. For us it was, “If you build it, they will come.” (In this case, a movement for a career Army veteran turned minister called to do something about people who have to choose between medicine and food.)

Volunteers didn’t have to be pressured, they just appeared. People came from all over. They knocked doors, made signs, brought food, stuffed envelopes, anything that might help because George gave us hope. Hope for a world where kindness and cooperation are not the exceptions but the norm. Where the Golden Rule actually does rule.

I hope George Scott runs again. If he does, people we come, and I think next time more people — hungry for hope and change for the better — will vote for him.

M. Eileen Graham


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