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Dear Editor:

Rush to judgment. Rush to judgment. Rush to judgment. Once again we witnessed the "rush to judgment big lie" as Liberal Democrats and our fascist, leftist mainstream politically correct thought policemen media quickly pumped out another false narrative and left more destroyed lives in the wake of their shark like feeding frenzy.

This time the victims were Catholic school students from Covington, Kentucky, whom were portrayed as "racist, spoiled brat white kids." While the boys were simply minding their own business at the Right to Life march while wearing make America Great Again hats, Liberal media and Democrat attacks left them with death threats and forced to cancel school.

Over and over we have seen this "rush to judgment big lie" destroy lives. Three months ago the "rush to judgment big lie" was Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavenaugh was a "sexual predator." In 2015, the big lie was the Baltimore police were "racist" in the Freddy Gray case. In 2006, the "rush to judgment big lie" was the Duke lacrosse team members were "sexual predators."

In the Covington case, we had NBC's Savannah Guthrie scolding Nick Sandmann then asking for an apology. However, when Guthrie interviewed Nathan Phillips, the Native American whom banged the drum in the boy's faces, it was a far different story. Guthrie welcomed him like a conquering national hero. CNN's Bakari Sellers suggested "He is a deplorable. Some ppl can also be punched in the face," on Twitter. As expected, absolutely no consequences for Sellers.

Wake up America! We now have a double standard two-tiered justice system in this country — one set of rules for liberal Democrats' and another set of rules for conservatives and republicans.

We are seeing this every day in the Robert Muller witch hunt.

David Delp


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