Dear Editor:

The corrupt leadership of the FBI makes AI Capone look like a choir boy! The who's who rogues gallery from the FBI and Justice Department in my opinion are guilty of various degrees of sedition!

Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and of course James Comey, along with the Clinton team and the DNC, with help from the mainstream media, orchestrated the big lie to the FISA court.

The above are not the complete list of scoundrels and it would have been fun to list mafia style nicknames for the above list, but I felt the editor might not be agreeable.

One has to feel terrible for the dedicated rank and file FBI personnel who have been betrayed by their leaders at the top. Hopefully the inspector general will recommend charges be brought against most of the above mentioned white collar Clinton thugs.

It is crystal clear that the FBI and the Obama Justice Dept. conspired to exonerate Hillary Clinton and to move to prevent Donald Trump from taking office by peddling, a dossier they knew from the get-go was bogus.

After the horror in Florida the FBI is rudderless at best and sadly because they ignored all the warnings through either sheer laziness or gross negligence they are left with blood on their hands!

Michael A. Catarino

Monroe Township