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Dear Editor:

There is a fable of a scorpion seeking to cross a river. After much debate, a frog agreed to carry the scorpion on his back to the other side. In midstream the scorpion stung the frog. As the frog was dying, it asked why the scorpion had stung him as they now would both die. The scorpion replied, “It is just my nature.”

Political discord is in our nature. There are many academic peer-reviewed studies examining how conservatives and liberals view the world. In general terms, conservatives support the status quo and have a stronger response to perceived threats. Liberals are more accepting to change and seem to be slower in feeling threatened. These differences may explain why conservatives stress a massive military, borders, and gun rights (2nd Amendment) while liberals are more interested in social programs, equal rights (14th Amendment), and voting rights (15th Amendment).

Our president has been allowed to follow “his instincts” or nature for the last two years. He has not been challenged for his often bizarre and what, at times, seem random decisions. Sadly, I blame the Republican controlled House and Senate for forgetting their responsibility of serving as part of the checks and balances our founders built into the Constitution. Congress allowed Mr. Trump to run rampant. Seems they wanted to please the president’s base more than their own constituents.

On Jan. 3, the House will be under Democratic control. This is a blessing to our nation and “We, the People” as it will force our legislature and executive branch to work together. I believe that our nation is based on the absolute need for different viewpoints. Unhindered, either side will lead our nation to a bad end.

None of us have all the answers but in 2019 I hope we can muddle through if we agree to work together.

Joseph Tomkiel


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