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Dear Editor:

The recent passing of local talk radio host Bob Durgan was a sad loss. Thank God for conservative news outlets like talk radio, they are fair and balanced and not biased like liberal mainstream media, evidenced by the declining listenership/viewers that biased liberal news outlets have suffered, while conservative news outlets prosper.

There are two sets of beliefs among citizens in today's closely divided America. About half the people identify with being Americans, blessed to be born here or immigrated here, proud of their country while acknowledging its shortcomings.

For half, the American project in self-government is a blessing. They support limited government, well-maintained borders, a strong military, a lightly regulated free economy. This group is largely "white," yet appreciates racial and gender equity as required by the Founders' rhetoric.

For others, their personal identity is wrapped up in sub-groups based on race, class, gender identity and dysphoria. They overlook an American identity because they believe America's founding and history to be embarrassment upon human progress.

These people's next claim their identity hierarchy as "citizens of the world," denying the sovereignty of individual states. They don't want a strong American military, prefer a regulated economy, and identify with the "open borders" and "sanctuary city" movements. They see oppression and victimhood everywhere. There is no “middle ground" between these two world views.

Donald Trump is, for all his faults, a man who believes in America. That is his appeal to the first group and his great sin to the second group.

T.J. Murray


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