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Dear Editor:

Just watched Spielberg’s “Lincoln” (2012). Near the end of the movie Lincoln meets with the vice-president of the Confederate States, Alexander Stevens. Stevens claims ending slavery will destroy the South. Lincoln’s reply is, “If we submit ourselves to the law, Alex, even submit to losing freedoms, the freedom to oppress for example, we may discover other freedoms previously unknown to us.”

The movie involved slavery but is also a parable about guns. In Lincoln’s time most Americans realized we could not move forward with slavery on our backs. In 1807, Britain abolished the slave trade. Before 1850 Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Portugal, Denmark and France limited the slave trade while it continued to thrive in the USA.

Today we seem to be the same colonials, unable to understand what is needed. In the 1860s we had a faction who believed they had a right to impose their slavery obsession upon all of us, just as their brethren do today concerning guns.

Returning to the movie, what do we have to gain by limiting gun access? Freedom from fear. Not having to fear a loved one will be a victim of road rage on their way to work. Not having to say a prayer that your child will come home today from school. Not having to worry a relative will die tonight from a stray bullet.

CBS news investigated school violence in Israel, a country surrounded by enemies. Yes, they have trained armed school guards as dictated by their laws. But no teachers are armed. Citizens who want a gun must prove they need one. They must then pass a gun qualification course. Over 40 percent of those who apply are denied a gun permit. Israel and most other countries have few, if any, school shootings.

More guns is not the answer.

Joe Tomkiel



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