Dear Editor:

In this era of divisive national politics, it is sometimes easy to forget how important local elections are to our everyday lives. School board directors don’t draft nuclear treaties, set immigration policies, or shape the global economy, but they impact our lives. The decisions they make matter to our children, our families, our neighbors, and our community. We need school board directors who are willing and able to research the issues, listen respectfully to opposing positions, and ultimately make the tough decisions.

I urge the voters of the Carlisle Area School District to elect Jon Tarrant school director because he possesses these important qualities.

I’ve known Jon Tarrant as my teacher, colleague, mentor, and friend. He impressed me first as my high school English teacher with his command of the subject and unrelenting quest for excellence. He challenged his students to always do our best and would have been more than a little scary if his genuine concern for our well-being hadn’t been so evident.

When I changed careers in my 40s and returned to my high school to teach, Jon was there to help me face the challenges of the classroom. We didn’t always agree, but there was never any doubt that he wanted the best for the students.

Since leaving the high school classroom, Jon has pursued an education and certification in the educational consulting field where many know his work to help students find their perfect post-secondary fit. He has shown a willingness to never stop learning and to embrace new ideas and technologies while still maintaining his traditional values of integrity and hard work.

I know Jon Tarrant will work tirelessly to provide a nurturing environment so that all public education students can be successful in whatever path they choose.

Lisa Yinger


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