Dear Editor:

My name is Michelle Sibert and I am a Chief Deputy District Attorney in Cumberland County. As a chief, I am responsible for our Victim Services Office. Victim Services is dedicated to helping crime victims navigate the often confusing and messy criminal justice system.

I have worked with Matt Smith for 15+ years. During these years, I have observed Matt interact with victims. He is compassionate; he is realistic; he speaks to victims, not at them; and most importantly, he fights for them. In this is criminal justice system it is important for victims to be heard. Their voices are often drowned out by the concern for the criminals. I believe that Matt will see and listen to victims and not allow them to be overlooked and ignored.

I am voting for Matt for county judge not because we are friends and not because we are colleagues. I am voting for Matt because he is a true public servant. I am voting for Matt because he zealously advocates for crime victims and survivors. I am voting for Matt because he is trustworthy. Matt is the only Judicial Candidate who possesses all of these qualities.

I am asking voters to elect Matt Smith as the next Court of Common Pleas Judge for Cumberland County.

Michelle Sibert


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