Dear Editor:

In May of 2015, my family and I had our lives turned upside down when my youngest daughter died from a heroin overdose. If you, or someone you know, have lived this nightmare, you need to know that are not alone. Jaime Keating understands this.

Working with police, Jaime Keating investigated the case and determined who sold my daughter the heroin that killed her. They dug further; they went after the supplier of the heroin, the one profiting off the addictions, misery, and death.

Jaime Keating was Cumberland County’s first prosecutor to use the grand jury to investigate, indict, and prosecute in the fight against heroin suppliers. Jaime led this effort and secured three convictions for heroin Drug Delivery Resulting in Death against the supplier, Corey Palson, who was sentenced to a minimum of 34 years.

What might not be known is that when Keating was First Assistant District Attorney, Cumberland County he led statewide efforts in Drug Delivery Resulting in Death prosecutions. Keating sees things through. Throughout the entire process, he treated us with compassion and dignity.

Cumberland County needs Jaime Keating as its District Attorney. I urge my friends, relatives, and fellow Cumberland County residents to vote for him. Jaime Keating is the right choice for Cumberland County’s future; for our county; for our families; for our children.

Mayling Bittner


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