Dear Editor:

I am a Cumberland County Democrat. I endorse and ask your support for Republican Lisa Grayson, for judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Cumberland County.

Why would I do this? I am proudly and solidly far left politically. She is as proud to be a Republican. Conventional wisdom would have me opposing her election. Conventional wisdom is often wrong.

We need good, honest, honorable judges, of the utmost work ethic. I can vouch for the good, honest, and honorable parts. But to be fair, most of her opponents of whom I know anything fit that bill. Lisa has something more.

A quick look at her history shows someone who has pulled herself up from very modest beginnings through a life of ever-increasing success. From her service in the U.S. Air Force (which continues decades later in the Air Guard), to local attorney, then U.S. District Court attorney, to her present job as our Register of Wills.

Lisa embodies the American dream as we all envision it. Very few candidates for office do, and I’ve known many. Left, right or center is irrelevant to this fact.

Elect a hard working judge whose life experience outside of the insular bubble of The Political Class leaves her uniquely qualified to sit in judgment of those accused of wrongdoing.

Steve Todd

Monroe Township

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