Supports Fedor’s ideas

Dear Editor:

I first met Michael Fedor several years ago when he led the PA League of Conservation Voters. It was a brief meeting, but I was impressed with his intelligence, both politically and substantively.

Over the years, I saw him emerge as a leader of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee, a job that gave him the chance to become better informed about the county’s different communities and what we expect from our government.

I’ve re-connected with Michael since he began running for county commissioner. I have found him to be clear-eyed about the problems we face, and equally clear-eyed about solutions. He believes the county should promote local agriculture and farmland preservation. So do I.

Michael believes the county should address the problems of the I-81 corridor and the problems of an inefficient public transportation system. So do I.

He believes the county can play a role in reversing the environmental degradation of the Cumberland Valley. So do I.

He believes the county can save substantial funds by modernizing procurement practices. I don’t know if that’s true, but I like the way he’s thinking about it.

Michael Fedor is aggressive without being abrasive. He wants to solve problems and actively work toward a better future. I think he’s the kind of leader we need in the courthouse. I hope you’ll join me in voting for him for county commissioner.

Tim Potts


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