Dear Editor:

We are writing with respect to the Republican primary in Silver Spring Township, Cumberland County. As one of the fastest growing municipalities in one of the fastest growing counties in the state, elections here are critical. There are four republican candidates for the two seats vacant in the township. Since there are no Democratic nominations, whoever wins the top two seats on the Republican election will probably be our two new supervisors.

Our township is a conservation battleground: Development interests struggle to dominate our planning, while our citizens have indicated they want only sensible growth, even if it means a small increase in taxes. Several years ago we overwhelmingly passed an initiative to raise our real estate tax 0.1% to set aside land for open space. Forever. Period.

Two of the candidates running in the Republican primary share our concern.

Laura Brown would be a fresh voice on the panel, but is already very familiar with our issues. As a long-term resident, she has demonstrated her concern, being relentless and patiently methodical in her approach to problems and was probably the key figure in maintaining preservation of the McCormick Farm with the Natural Lands Trust.

Nancy Griffie has lived in the township all her life and has served as a township supervisor for 12 years, including several terms as chairman She is deserving of return to office.

In closing, if we care about a quality township, support Nancy Griffie and Laura Brown.

Gil & Laura Freedman

Silver Spring Township

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