Dear Editor:

I write in support of Jaime Keating for the Office of Cumberland County District Attorney. I am a retired member of the Pennsylvania State Police and a former Cumberland County Detective. My reasons for supporting Jaime are many.

Jaime Keating is an accomplished prosecutor. He cares about victims. He believes in accountability. Most importantly he understands justice is free of any consideration of class, color, creed or condition. It is free from politics or prejudice.

Mr. Keating's record qualifies him for the position of District Attorney. I believe his judgement, work ethic and sincere commitment to law enforcement distinguish him as the best candidate. He has served the citizens of Pennsylvania and Cumberland County for over twenty-five years. He is the right choice for our future.

Today’s men and women of law enforcement are challenged far greater than any time in my memory. The selection of persons of moral conscience for public office is most critical in these times of social mistrust and public scrutiny.

As a former police officer I am asking you vote for Jaime Keating.

Julio Mendez


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