Dear Editor:

When Cumberland County District Attorney Skip Ebert sees a problem, he solves it. As seniors we’re living longer and healthy lives. That’s great. But sadly, more and more seniors are becoming victims of crime. Seniors are the prime targets for financial scams and unfortunately, all too often, victims of physical abuse.

Skip Ebert is taking the problem of elder abuse head on. He’s created a specialized Elder Abuse Task Force that targets crimes against seniors. The task force works with local and state law enforcement agencies to make elder abuse investigations a priority and assigns them to specially trained deputies in the district attorney’s office.

Skip Ebert has shown innovative leadership throughout his career. From creating the first Crime Victim Assistance Unit, the Cumberland County Drug Treatment Court and a state-of-art crime lab, Skip has been a leader.

I’m thankful that District Attorney Skip Ebert is protecting and fighting for seniors like me. Let’s keep him working for us and vote for Skip Ebert on May 21.

Rachel McKinney


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