Dear Editor:

I’m Thomas Kutz and I’m asking for your vote on Tuesday, May 21 for Lower Allen Township Commissioner. I will bring a pragmatic approach and an in-depth understanding of community issues to the Board of Commissioners.

As a third-generation township resident, Lower Allen is my home. I have lived, worked, and volunteered in Lower Allen my entire life, and I would be honored to have the privilege to serve you on the Board of Commissioners.

I have been dedicated to serving our community my entire life. I led a youth group, volunteer clean-up projects at local parks, service projects, and multiple youth organizations before graduating Cedar Cliff High School. Since graduating Grove City College, I continued my service as a staffer in the United States Congress and as a member of the Lower Allen Township Public Safety Committee.

During my time in Congress, I served as a staffer for the House Committee on Ways and Means and for our Congressman Scott Perry. I interacted with constituents every day and listened to their concerns about our community. I ultimately decided that the best way to continue my service is to become involved with the Board of Commissioners.

As a member of the Public Safety Committee, I have committed myself to finding solutions to ensure adequate police, fire, and EMS coverage in Lower Allen Township. School safety is a top priority for me, and I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to keep our children and community safe.

I’m asking for your vote because Lower Allen faces unprecedented challenges in public safety and development, and I will bring fresh, pragmatic ideas to help our community.

Thomas Kutz is a candidate for Lower Allen Township Commissioner.

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