Dear Editor:

With the primary election soon upon us, we urge all voters to please exercise their right. These so called “off-year” elections are actually more important than federal and state elections. Voters from both major political parties will be selecting their candidates on May 21 in order to run in the general election in November.

In Cumberland County, there are many local elections that include candidates for township supervisor, township commissioner, borough council, school board and county elections to decide candidates for county commissioner, treasurer, district attorney and court of common pleas. In addition, we have a race for state senate and for Superior court.

Your current incumbent Republican County Commissioners, Vince DiFilippo and Gary Eichelberger are running for re-election to continue our conservative record of keeping taxes low, enacting fiscally responsible policies and preserving the quality of life for Cumberland County residents. We respectfully ask for your support on May 21. We also ask for your support in November so that we can continue to serve the good people of Cumberland County.

Vince DiFilippo and Gary Eichelberger

Cumberland County Commissioners

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