Dear Editor:

It is hard to forget the election that took place in May. Almost 7,000 votes were cast and it all came down to one vote.

Everyone has walked into his or her polling place at some point and thought, "Does my vote really matter?" You certainly have heard those words from friends and family. Honestly, I have uttered those thoughts myself.

However, we all got a civics refresher course this past spring. Winning an election by one vote is a humbling and gratifying experience. I received stories from voters who went to great lengths to get to the polls and heartfelt apologies from folks who did not make it to vote. Both groups took personal responsibility for the outcome.

The truth is simple — your vote matters. My one-vote victory proved to me that hard work matters. More importantly, it taught me the importance of building strong relationships and making personal connections with people. These traits are essential to being an effective State Representative.

As a voter, you want to rely on a leader who is willing to work tirelessly for a better community. You also need a genuine person who can work and communicate with people from all walks of life. You need someone who can rise above adversity and resolve conflict through thoughtful, respectful dialogue. I am confident that I can be this leader.

I am committed to bringing energy and enthusiasm the 193rd State House District. I am determined to protect the values, heritage and way of life of our great community and I have the proven experience to provide real solutions to the challenges we all face as Pennsylvanians.

I ask you to cast your vote for Torren Ecker on Nov. 6 and remember every vote matters.

Torren Ecker

Candidate for State Representative in the 193rd District

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