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Dear Editor:

After 20 years in public service in Carlisle, I set out to help combat the many issues I felt were wrong with politics today. My goal is to give the people of our community a greater voice at the State House on the issues that impact them directly.

There is a growing cynical spirit in our community as a result of media, technology, and bias in education, that has caused disillusionment with representative government. Add the fact that the current prevailing ideology in state government is not grounded in the Constitution and the result is a frustrated community that does not feel represented in Harrisburg. The current culture leaves ordinary people feeling like they have no say in their own and their families’ lives because government continues to intrude into local decisions outside of its scope.

As a businesswoman, farmer and the parent of three grown children, I try to live and personify a you-can-do-it mindset, not everyone gets a medal, and it’s possible to experience success through failure. I have a passion for working hard and getting things done, and through my years of public service, feel I am the best candidate to represent the 199th.

My strengths are concentrated in agriculture, business and education. Through my fiscally-conservative philosophy and my experience, I can have a positive impact on these issues specifically, in addition to others, if elected. Together, we can fix our education system, reduce taxes, end wasteful spending, reduce unnecessary regulations and mandates, and have the voice we seek.

Let’s keep our district strong, and work to put our state on a path to financial stability, for the sake of everyone’s future. I ask for your support and vote on Nov. 6.

Barb Gleim

Republican House Candidate for the 199th

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