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When Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel quipped the famous mantra, “You never let a good crisis go to waste,” perhaps even he could not have envisioned our society’s reaction to the Feb. 14 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

High school students walked out of class protesting guns, while still other angry citizens participated in the March 24 “March for Our Lives” rallies across the country. How ironic it is that the inanimate object they were protesting — guns or firearms — was the exact same object that gave them the freedom to protest in the first place.

This is the story of America’s second amendment, which has been preserving our freedom and liberty since 1791. Every day, in a nation featuring more than 300 million guns, multiple individuals use firearms in some form of self defense.

The second amendment is the story of individuals like NASCAR legend Richard Childress, whom upon discharging two rounds to send several home invaders scurrying, remarked, “I am thankful for both God and the second amendment.” It is the story of a Chicago Uber driver who wounded a would-be assailant after dropping off a passenger, and the story of a permit-holding Philadelphia street pedestrian whom saved the life of a barber in 2015.

Time after time, the second amendment has come to the rescue when America faced imminent massive deadly tragedy. We saw it in 2012 at a shopping mall in Portland, Oregon; in 2007 at a church in Colorado Springs, Colorado; and we saw it in 2009 at a workplace in Houston, Texas. Each time, different armed, brave individuals responded to save crowds of innocent people.

Over 90 percent of all successful mass shootings since 1950 have occurred in gun-free zones or “soft targets,” according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. This only makes sense since an individual whom has been planning a mass killing for months and even years would surely want to maximize human carnage without risking instant demise, which would thus thwart this heinous act.

Therefore, does any serious-minded, honest person seriously believe that an individual with this “mindset” would actually obey or be deterred by Congress passing gun control legislation? The answer is a loud resounding no. However, if you then apply the reverse consequences to law-abiding, law-respecting citizens, those consequences have proven fatal on both a national and international scale. If gun control really did work, then Washington D.C. would be the safest place in the planet to live.

The idea or notion that an inanimate object — or gun — is responsible for killing borders on the very pinnacle of lunacy or absurdity in the face of it. Killers “kill” precisely because they are “killers,” and the intended weapon of choice or inanimate object of choice matters virtually not.

When Timothy McVeigh weaponized 4,800 pounds of fertilizer to kill 168 people in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, where were the liberal cries for “fertilizer control” or “fertilizer control legislation?”

When Boston’s Tsarnaev brothers weaponized two pressure cookers and created a powerful bomb killing three citizens and wounding 264 others at the 2013 Boston Marathon, where were the liberal cries for “pressure cooker control” or “pressure cooker control legislation?”

When 19 terrorists weaponized four, 75-ton jets and killed 2,996 people on Sept. 11, 2001, where was the “March for Our Lives” or public school walkouts protesting the horrific weaponization of commercial aircraft?

The selective outrage and hypocrisy coming from the American left is off the charts. The fact is that these three, very different non-gun-related, inanimate-object weapons killed 3,167 people — more than seven times the amount of lives lost in mass gun shootings during the same time period.

Despite this reality, we cannot go even a single day without either hearing anti-gun rhetoric from our liberal media, liberal educators, gun control groups, and double-standard liberal elite politicians and Hollywood left whom live by far different standards than the gun-free ones they wish to impose upon us.

Less than 15 hours after the Las Vegas mass shooting on Oct. 1, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC began their collective gun control drum rolls. Our liberal anchors and media pundits scream bloody murder for weeks on end following a mass shooting, or when police use deadly force in the line of duty. However, when that deadly force is justified, or when an individual successfully uses a gun in self-defense, you cannot even find that story on page 20 of an American newspaper.

Gun control propaganda travels faster than a speeding bullet (no pun intended) from America’s newsrooms into America’s classrooms. Our high school and college students are radicalized to become liberal activists by our agenda-driven educators. Independent critical thinking has been completely replaced by a brainwashing, indoctrinating liberal-group thinking mentality.

The bottom line is simple. When the American left manufactures the false problem that guns are responsible for killing, the left must in turn create the false solution that gun control will solve the problem.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of our nation’s landmark Supreme Court decision Heller vs. District of Columbia, which affirmed our nation’s commitment to individual self-preservation through the practical, versatile second amendment. This amendment will continue to make our Declaration of Independence words — “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” — both a living present reality and a promise for countless future generations of Americans to come.

David Delp lives in Harrisburg and organized Second Amendment rallies during March on the Square in Carlisle.