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Americans have faced two years of turbulence on the domestic front with the seemingly unending COVID-19 pandemic, recurring protests across the political spectrum, and court cases to address constitutional challenges. With hopeful optimism, we are looking forward to a new year.

Americans should remember the turmoil and nationwide debates that opened 2021. Of note were a series of protests and demonstrations that raised questions about the role of the U.S. military and how it would/should respond to such events. In September, I was asked to provide my thoughts to a …

For decades, Pennsylvania lawmakers have shunned their responsibilities when it comes to school funding, severely shortchanging many school districts. The result is grave inequity that has affected generations of students and produced rising local tax rates for property owners asked to fill …

Ben Franklin is credited with saying, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

In the Jan. 15 publication, there are two letters to the editor, both refer to our country as a democracy. The country is not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic.

I read two editorials in the Jan. 3 Sentinel that caused me grave concern. One stating the U.S. is no longer considered a democracy but an anocracy, somewhere between democracy and autocracy. The other bemoaning the fact GOP candidates for U.S. Senate are not really from Pennsylvania. They l…

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