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What was voter turnout like in Tuesday’s midterm election?

Tuesday’s midterm election did not set any records, but more voters turned out to cast their ballots this year in Cumberland County than in midterms in recent history.

More than 105,000 ballots were cast in the county, according to unofficial results from the Cumberland County Bureau of Elections. That equates to more than 60 percent of all registered voters.

Both numbers fall short of the 2016 and 2012 presidential elections with more than 124,000 and 112,000 votes cast in them, respectively. Both of those elections cracked more than 70 percent voter participation, according to the Bureau of Elections.

About 50 percent of registered voters went to the polls in 2014 during the last midterm election. To put it another way, nearly 30,000 more votes were cast during this year’s midterm election than the last midterm.

Possibly an indication of changing voting trends, Gov. Tom Wolf, the Democratic incumbent, carried Cumberland County, a feat he did not do in 2014.

Wolf was the only Democratic candidate for statewide or national office to do this in the county, but Democrats made large gains Tuesday night to close what has historically been a strong majority for Republicans.

Straight party voting for Democratic candidates was up more than 160 percent from 2014, compared to an increase of 36 percent for Republicans, according to the Bureau of Elections.

Democratic candidates received nearly 42 percent of the straight party votes this year compared to less than 35 percent in 2016 and less than 30 percent in 2014.

While losing, Democratic congressional candidates also fared much stronger during this year’s midterm election.

During the 2014 midterm, the two Republican congressional candidates — Lou Barletta and Scott Perry — combined to claim more than 75 percent of all ballots cast.

On Tuesday, Republicans Scott Perry and John Joyce took about 55 percent of the congressional ballots cast in Cumberland County, according to the Bureau of Elections.

Official voter turnout statistics for the state are not available, but roughly 4.85 million votes were cast in both the governor and Senate race. Based on voter registration numbers from the Pennsylvania Department of State, that equates to about a 56 percent statewide voter turnout.

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