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How many arrests for DUI typically occur each week in the county?

On average, there were about 30 arrests for DUI each week in 2016, according to analysis of court records conducted by The Sentinel.

About two to three arrests occurred each week between Monday and Thursday, according to court records.

More than 60 percent of the 1,513 charged DUI cases in Cumberland County in 2016 had an offense date falling on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, according to The Sentinel’s analysis.

The largest percentage of DUIs, more than 24 percent, had an offense date falling on a Saturday followed by roughly 20 percent on Sunday.

The high number of Sunday DUIs may seem strange at first glance, but, for example, a person who goes out drinking Saturday and is arrested after midnight would show an offense date of Sunday.

On average, about five people were arrested for DUI each Friday, seven people were arrested every Saturday and six each Sunday, according to court records.

Arrests for DUI were spread largely evenly throughout the entire year.

Most months accounted for 8 to 9 percent of the total offenses.

Only December, accounting about 5 percent total filings, and January, at roughly 6 percent, fell below that mark.

The largest percentage of charged DUIs, roughly 10 percent, occurred in October, according to court records.

The highest number of DUI arrests in 2016 were made in Carlisle with 196 charged cases, followed by Middlesex Township with 153 and South Middleton Township at 134, according to The Sentinel’s analysis.

Lower Allen, Hampden and East Pennsboro townships were the only other municipalities with more than 100 charged DUI cases in 2016, according to court records.

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