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Do I have to dial 1 before the area code to make a 717 or 223 phone call after Saturday?

When calling from a 717 or 223 phone number, residents do not need to dial 1 before the area code when calling other 717 or 223 area code phones, according to Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission spokesman.

However, beginning Saturday residents will need to use the full 10 digit number.

“If you are calling within the area code, that is the 717 area and what will become the 717 and 223 area, you only need to dial 10 digits — the area code and the standard seven digit number,” Hagen-Frederiksen said.

This is because the available 717 phone numbers are running out and the 223 area code will begin being used for new numbers issued in the area.

Phone numbers using the 223 area code will start being issued in September, according to the Associate Press.

“The overlays exist on top of each other,” Hagen-Frederiksen said. “One of the things we’ve tried to emphasize to consumers is regardless of whether you are 717 or eventually 223, if it’s a local call, it’s a local. It’s still going to stay a local call.”

He said the 1 before the area code informs the system the call is being placed to an area code outside the consumer’s area, and while it will likely not disrupt local calls, it is not necessary.

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