Where it Stands: How much municipalities may pay for state police coverage
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Where it Stands

Where it Stands: How much municipalities may pay for state police coverage

Pennsylvania State Police Barracks

Pennsylvania State Police Carlisle barracks is at 2 Dunwoody Drive in South Middleton Township.

Cumberland County’s 15 municipalities without a police force are still waiting to see whether Pennsylvania’s 2019-20 budget will make them pay for state police.

In February, Gov. Tom Wolf proposed charging communities without local police on a sliding scale. A town would be charged $8 per person if it has fewer than 2,000 residents, but that fee would rise to $166 per person if a town has more than 20,000 residents.

Supporters say the fee is needed because towns without their own police departments receive more state police services. In Cumberland County, it would be of concern to South Middleton Township, which has more than 15,000 residents and would need to pay nearly $2 million.

Wolf’s plan for state police funding was part of his 2019-20 budget proposal, which is still under consideration in Harrisburg. The Legislature and Wolf have a June 30 deadline to agree to a budget, although they have often failed to meet that deadline in recent years.

Here’s what it would cost annually for each of Cumberland County’s 15 municipalities without local police coverage, according to the governor’s office:

South Middleton Township: $1,922,375

Southampton Township: $347,800

Monroe Township: $306,600

West Pennsboro Township: $236,334

Shippensburg Township: $231,462

Dickinson Township: $227,010

Penn Township: $50,898

North Newton Township: $42,721

Hopewell Township: $41,837

Upper Frankford Township: $34,901

Lower Frankford Township: $14,448

Lower Mifflin Township: $14,312

South Newton Township: $11,504

Newburg Borough: $2,704

Cooke Township: $1,472

Daniel Walmer covers public safety for The Sentinel. You can reach him by email at dwalmer@cumberlink.com or by phone at 717-218-0021.


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