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Catherine Gregoire


While many other high schoolers are focusing on activities that benefit them, Catherine Gregoire has dedicated her high school career to the service of others.

The Trinity High School senior has given more than 250 hours to community service over her high school career.

“My parents have always instructed me to give back to the community,” Gregoire said. “I’ve been thankful enough to be blessed with so many things, and I’ve learned that through service it really give a perspective of what we have and what others don’t have and realize that some people have it tougher. It’s good to give back to the community.”

Gregoire said her desire to give back to the community is a big part of why she hopes to go into a career in medicine.

Gregoire has been accepted into the nursing program at Wilkes University where she has also committed to playing on the women’s soccer team.

During the summers before her junior and senior years, Gregoire volunteered at PinnacleHealth.

The time at the hospital provided a stark look at the realities of working in medicine.

Gregoire said a young boy was rushed into the hospital one day while she was volunteering, and he later died.

While this kind of traumatic experience could drive some away from the field, Gregoire said it emboldened her desire to help others.

“It’s shown me that I can really change somebody’s life,” Gregoire said. “That’s the biggest thing we can accomplish in life; make a difference in the world and leave a legacy. It just made me want to help more people.”

Along with her extensive volunteering and community service, she holds a 4.2 GPA while taking multiple advanced placement courses, and has numerous academic achievements like being a member of the National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society and National Math Honor Society.

Gregoire credited her parents, Neil and Ann Smith Gregoire, with much of her success.

“They’ve really pushed me to be my best at whatever I do,” she said. “... They encourage me to grow in my faith by sending me to Catholic school my whole life and attending Mass ever week. They’ve just been great role models for me and have sacrificed whenever they can for me and my brother. I just really hope to be as a great of a parent as they are.”

Gregoires was also a member of the Trinity High School basketball team and three time state championship Trinity High School girls’ soccer team.

“Being on the team was a great was a great experience,” Gregoire said. “Being on the soccer team was probably my biggest and favorite accomplishment to be a part of and represent the school well. I’ve been able meet so many great friends from it.

“Just being on the team has made realize that there’s someone else to play for,” she added. “It’s not just for yourself, but to play for the person next to you and go for the gold.”