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Laura Weiss


There are some students who make a classroom and a school brighter by simply being there. Trinity High School senior Laura Weiss is one of those students.

“While Laura’s resume is a laundry list of clubs activities and sports, what I like most about her is that she is a sheer joy to be around,” wrote Trinity High School teacher Linda Piscioneri in a letter of recommendation for Weiss. “She is kind, helpful, supremely modest and a hard worker.”

Weiss carries a 4.6 GPA. In fact her GPA during all four of her years in high school has held above a 4.0. This is while taking multiple advanced and AP level courses and keeping a full schedule out of the classroom.

“There’s lots of planning, weeks ahead,” Weiss joked. “I always have my planner out and I’m flipping through it and doing stuff.”

It is that sustained success that Weiss said was her greatest accomplishment.

“There’s not one accomplishment that (I’d consider) the greatest, but it’s really just maintaining this stuff over time,” Weiss said. “Like, the grades, getting first honors all the time ... a lot of work goes into that. So, I’m really proud that.”

Beyond academics, Weiss is a highly accomplished musician, playing multiple instruments and singing.

She is a violinist in the Harrisburg Symphony Youth Orchestra, a former member of the Susquehanna Young Women’s Chorale, a member of the Susquehanna Youth Chorale and a vocalist in the Messiah College Choral Arts Society.

“I’ve been through a lot of auditions,” Weiss joked. “I work with my private teachers a lot. I just love music, so it’s not really hard for me to work on a piece and practice it and get to know it. I just love to learn new music and I love performing.”

Weiss is the daughter of Anna Barnhart and William Weiss, of Mechanicsburg. She credits her parents with a great deal of her success.

“They’ve always supported me through everything,” Weiss said. “They’ve always encouraged me to do better and supported me through everything.”

While it would be easy for Weiss to pursue a career in music given the accomplishments she has already achieved, she said she plans to follow in her parents’ footsteps for a career in science.

Her father works in bioengineering, and her mother is a veterinarian.

“I’m thinking biology is where I’m leaning right now, or chemistry,” she said. “I’m hoping to do at least a minor in music. I definitely want to do that.

“I really like animals and nature,” she added. “I really liked bio class learning about cells and all these processes, and that kind of brings in the chemistry aspect, too.”

In her senior year, Weiss was accepted into the Her Medical Center PULSE program, which provides a seminar series with medical students and faculty to learn about infectious diseases.

“This year’s topic is infectious diseases, so I decided to do it because it sort of aligns with the science and medicine and just to see if I’d be interested in doing something like that,” she said.

Weiss has applied to multiple Ivy League schools and said she plans to attend graduate or medical school after earning her bachelor’s degree.