By the time we enter the mid-life stage of our existence here on planet earth, the seasons may seem to have worn us thin. By that I mean the liturgical seasons of the church, and how our means of approaching them becomes all too familiar.

Now familiarity can be a good thing. It can be a very good thing. But at times we may find ourselves being so familiar with a subject that trying to picture it in our minds draws a blank.

That is how the liturgical season of Lent has been for me this year. As my mind was searching for a different way of doing things, nothing but a blank slate was in front of me. Searching through all of my books and brochures on living into Lent, they all seemed to mirror each other.

A change was what I needed but I found none. I surrendered for the time being and moved onto some social media for a moment. Would you believe that I barely scrolled down the screen before the answer was in front of me? Well, believe it or not, it was! A friend had posted an article suggesting that instead of removing something from Lent, we add something to Lent!

The article went on describing how it works. Simply adding one item to your daily (or hourly/weekly/monthly) schedule should produce a larger reaction than by removing an item from your routines. Have you ever had a job where you were given added responsibilities? If you’re like me, the first instinct is to try and reject it by saying something like; “Sorry, boss. Really? There’s no time for me as it is to take a break in the afternoon!” We push back against almost any and all forms of additional duties.

So I decided to give this odd notion of adding something to my schedule a try. How long will I last? That will depend on the intensity and severity of what I will add. And no, I won’t cheat by adding an extra break or extra dessert to my life – although that thought did occur to me as a solution.

Has this article given you any ideas as a way to approach this year’s season of Lent? I have already narrowed my choices down to one of two ideas. By the time this is printed in the paper, I will have made my choice.

There is little harm to all of this, so please don’t try to add something dangerous. Start off easy, and maybe if you find it comfortable, add another small item. You could begin by adding a prayer time to your day. Or add a short prayer to your day or night. That always eases my mind. But at least try.

You have my prayers that whatever you do, it is beneficial for you and everyone around you. May God Bless your Living Into Lent this year!

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The Rev. Peter Mark Gdula is a deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.