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Christians believe the Bible is God’s unvarnished truth, therefore we believe what it says, even though we may struggle to understand various parts of it.

The reason we believe this is not because we have been logically convinced by someone, though there are many arguments it is so. God himself has convinced us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is amazing the money spent seeking to hear messages from outer space, all the entertainment focusing on life on other planets and aliens, and how serious people can be about those things, but at the same time refuse to believe that God has communicated to us.

Once my wife and I were in an airport where I met a man who was flying back home to another country. He had just been in West Virginia at a gathering of scientists who focused on intercepting messages from outer space. I had never met a scientist who was serious about that.

We had a cordial and fascinating conversation discussing what he did. I broached the subject of creation and God being the creator, something he didn’t believe. We were quite straightforward with each other. Two statements he made stick with me 20 years later.

In discussing God’s creating man, the earth and universe, he said, “You may be right.”

I asked him whether anyone has ever gotten messages with all these huge radio telescopes. He replied in the negative. Then I asked if he thought they ever would. He said, “No.”

Then I asked him, because he was an expert, “Why do you keep doing this.” He was very honest. “They pay me well.”

How enlightening this was. He was only one man, but this cannot be uncommon. I believe astronomy and space exploration is wonderful in so many ways, but I also know that there are ulterior motives and skewing facts and lots of propaganda in science. I did it myself in high school and college. It is part of our sinful human nature to want to be right, sometimes at any cost.

We are all made in the image of God and have a God-given conscience. We cannot escape the way God made us, though in our sins we seek to suppress the truth. We change the glory of God into our own idols or idolatrous thinking, even though all around us His creation shouts out, “I am evidence of the glory of God.” In varying degrees, we try to shut out thoughts of the true and living God.

The scientist I spoke to knew deep down God is real, just as we all do. God shows us this every day.

We try to change God into a more comfortable god, but God is not a comfortable God. We can’t change him to our specifications, but he is both willing and able to change us. We must enter the real world, God’s world and believe and trust what he has communicated to us in the Bible.

Written over about 1,600 years with at least 30 different human writers. There is this basic message throughout: God is the creator, we are his creatures, we are sinful and in need of redemption, there is judgment coming, God has provided only one way of salvation in Jesus Christ and if we turn from our sins to Christ in faith, we will have eternal life, and if not, we face that same Jesus in judgment.

Sometimes I think with sadness of Carl Sagan, the noted atheist, his “billions and billions of years” and his contempt for God. I just read that Stephen Hawkins died. He was an extraordinary genius, a believer in aliens from outer space, an atheist who clearly did not believe in life after death, and he hated the thought of God or religion. My wife said this morning, when I told her he died, “I’ll have to take him off my prayer list.”

Now both Sagan and Hawkins know God is real, and there is life after death and that God is the only righteous judge of all people.

Don’t wait until you die to find this out. Believe the truth. It is as convenient as seriously reading the Bible.

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Charles Fitzpatrick is the pastor of Reibers Reformed Baptist Church near Shermans Dale.