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    "Given the encouraging data from vaccinated people, and the threat from COVID variants, it is a good time to get off the fence and get vaccinated."

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      "The government provides a couple of different income benefits for children and adults who are disabled. These benefits are available through …

        It has been a year since the first two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania were announced by Gov. Tom Wolf. This led to his order to c…

          "The real irony in all of this is that the most effective way to be a wise control freak is to plan ahead and create foundational legal docume…

            "Perhaps the greatest mistaken fear that we hear is that 'they' will take the home of a person who qualifies for Medicaid to pay for nursing care."

              "As with Santa’s sleigh of presents, there is no limit to the source from which gifts of love, hope and faith are supplied to be given freely."

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