Boston Marathon

Runners race to the finish line in the 123rd Boston Marathon on Monday.

Among the runners hitting the pavement in Boston for the 123rd Boston Marathon Monday were local residents who made the trip north.

Here is a look at the times from area residents who completed the Boston Marathon:

2:47:47 - Noah Reighard, 21, Boiling Springs

3:01:50—Cem Aslan, 42, Camp Hill

3:02:06—Matthew Wagoner, 41, New Cumberland

3:02:56—Bob Yonick, 35, Camp Hill

3:14:02—Connor Stengel, 27, Carlisle

3:15:14—Kevin Sagen, 42, Camp Hill

3:34:17—Jenny Yonick, 32, Camp Hill

3:34:59—James Lowe, 50, Carlisle

3:35:44—Lauren Vowler, 37, New Cumberland

3:39:46—Emma Nemeth, 27, Mechanicsburg

3:41:35—Rachel Aslan, 36, Camp Hill

3:47:52—Katherine Shank, 56, Camp Hill

3:50:56—Christopher Hummel, 47, Mechanicsburg

3:56:59—Andy Courtney, 55, Camp Hill

3:57:02—Jennifer Gerhart, 48, Mechanicsburg

4:02:57—Kelly Dworak, 56, Carlisle

4:04:13—William Reeves, 55, Mechanicsburg

4:04:38—Jesse Smith, 46, Enola

4:06:22—Jennifer Heilman, 46, Mechanicsburg

4:14:22—Kathryn Slater, 33, Camp Hill

4:18:40—Gretchen Leslie, 55, Camp Hill

4:34:22—Crystal Roesner, 37, Mechanicsburg

4:40:31—Vanessa Cooney, 65, Carlisle

4:44:50—Corby Myers, 65, Carlisle

4:56:35—Kenneth Shur, 65, Carlisle

6:22:27—Denise Lewandowski, 50, Boiling Springs

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