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CARLISLE — A bed bug-sniffing dog found a limited number of areas at Bosler Memorial Library had some level of bed bug residue or activity during an inspection Tuesday.

The areas were spread throughout the library, according to a notice posted on the library website. The areas were specific and able to be isolated and removed for treatment, the library said. Items included chairs and books

There were no hits by the dog on puppets or stuffed items.

The Friends of Bosler Bookery had no hits at all.

The library recently had a few items returned with evidence of contact with bed bugs.

It is working with a local pest control company, and the staff is being trained to identify and treat instances of bed bugs if materials are returned to the library with the unwanted pests.

Posted earlier on Cumberlink:

CARLISLE – Bosler Memorial Library is advising patrons of possible service disruptions today.

The library opened as scheduled at 10 a.m., but a bed bug sniffing dog has been contracted to inspect the library this morning.

Sections of the library may be temporarily closed to eliminate distractions and allow the dog to do its job effectively.

Library officials announced last week it had received a few returned materials that showed signs of contact with bed bugs.

No bed bugs have been found on the materials.