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A Carlisle health advocate and epidemiologist announced he is running for the 10th Congressional District.

Eric Ding is seeking the Democratic nomination in a race that consists of six candidates.

Other Democrats in the race are fellow Carlisle resident Alan Howe, Sheila Dow-Ford of Harrisburg, George Scott of Dillsburg, Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson of York County and Christina Hartman of Lancaster.

The 10th Congressional District covers the eastern half of Cumberland County, all of Dauphin County and northern York County. Under the new map set by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, U.S. Rep. Scott Perry of Dillsburg is the incumbent and he will be running in the Republican primary to re-seek his seat.

Ding is one of the more recent candidates to announce. With the help of 314 Action, which helps scientists get their campaigns for office off the ground, Ding announced his run for the seat.

Ding’s parents, a teacher and factory worker in Shippensburg, immigrated from China when he was a child and received public assistance.

“I owe central Pennsylvania a life debt, and I’m here to repay it,” he said in a news release. “As a scientist, I know that we aren’t going to solve our community’s problems with politics-as-usual bickering but with evidence-based solutions. That’s how I have lived my life and built my career, and in Congress that’s how I will work to help the people of the 10th District with the biggest challenges facing them, including an increasingly costly health care system, a rampant opioid epidemic and an economy that should benefit working families more than the wealthy.”

Ding’s work led to an investigation into the prescription drug industry. He founded after the Flint lead poisoning came to light, and he has raised $500,000 to benefit cancer research after his own battle with cancer.

He works as an epidemiologist, nutrition scientist and health economist and earned dual doctorates from the Harvard School of Public Health.

*Editor's Note (March 7, 2018): Gene Stilp's name has been removed from the candidate list since he dropped out of the race earlier this week.

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