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Dean's List for Jan. 15

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  • The following students were named to the president’s list of Shenandoah University: Noah Riess of Shippensburg, Haley Gilbert of Carlisle, Ashlyn Yocum of Carlisle
  • The following student was named to the dean’s list of Thiel College: Christian Good of Carlisle
  • The following student was named to the dean’s list of Moravian University: Cole Dobyns of Carlisle
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of DeSales University: Katie Reider of Mechanicsburg, Erin Wagner of Mechanicsburg, Glenn Rice of Newport
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of Westminster College: Katie Lyons of Shippensburg, Joshua Collins of New Bloomfield
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of Edinboro University: Natalie Armes of New Cumberland, Samia Reed of Shippensburg, Haydn Paxton of Dillsburg
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of Bob Jones University: Faith Allen of Dillsburg, Andrew Black of Mechanicsburg, Jordan Crews of Mechanicsburg, Brianna McLeod of Carlisle, Jacob Motter of Marysville
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of Shippensburg University: Sydney Al-Ololla of Carlisle, Georgia Allen of Shippensburg, Emily Anderson of Boiling Springs, Hayley Anderson of Mechanicsburg, Kalei Arnett of Carlisle, Harsh Aujla of Mechanicsburg, Joseph Aulenbacher of Newville, Matthew Barden of Camp Hill, Casey Barrick of Newville, Megan Barrick of Shippensburg, Brooke Basehore of Shippensburg, Madison Bills of Mechanicsburg, John Bordash of Mechanicsburg, Hannah Borkenhagen of Mechanicsburg, Dominic Bornman of New Cumberland, McKenna Borrell of Enola, Paige Bortner of Mechanicsburg, Badreddine Bouhmam of Shippensburg, Kimberly Braet of Shippensburg, Jenna Bramble of Carlisle, Nicholas Brewbaker of Carlisle, Jaden Brown of Enola, Torrence Brown of Newville, Rayven Brownewell of Carlisle, Jordan Brymesser of Boiling Springs, Austin Bryner of Carlisle, Sara Buitrago of Carlisle, Megan Calvanelli of Mechanicsburg, Justin Centobene of Carlisle, Gracie Chronister of Newville, Alia Claggett of Shippensburg, Sarah Clay of Newville, Anthony Clevenger of Shippensburg, Kalyn Clites of Carlisle, Grace Colestock of Carlisle, Natalie Conrad of Mechanicsburg, Trenton Cook of Carlisle, Sam Cuomo of Enola, Ashley Curlen of Carlisle, James Dailey of Camp Hill, Alvin Dalida of Shippensburg, Sophia Damore of Shippensburg, Madeline Davis of Shippensburg, Rozlynne Dealy of Mechanicsburg, Carson Devitt of Mechanicsburg, Anthony DiMaggio of Shippensburg, Matthew Eaton of Newville, Destiny Evener of Shippensburg, Kathryn Fair of Carlisle, Brianna Feaser of Mechanicsburg, Brianna Fetter of Carlisle, Jenna Fetter of Carlisle, Rebecca Fickel of Shippensburg, Kylee Ford of Mechanicsburg, Amanda Forgie of Carlisle, Gwyneth Forster of Carlisle, Patrick France of Mechanicsburg, Delaney Gallagher of Shippensburg, Madison Gardenhour of Newburg, Megan Gardenhour of Newburg, Braden Gerson of Mechanicsburg, Hannah Giffin of Carlisle, Daniel Graci of Camp Hill, Adelai Granese of Shippensburg, Mitch Greene of Carlisle, Elaina Guyer of Shippensburg, Annalise Hahn of Shippensburg, Amel Hajdarevic of Carlisle, Becca Halvorson of Mount Holly Springs, Mouna Hasni of Camp Hill, Chris Hecker of Mechanicsburg, Victoria Helfrick of Mechanicsburg, Luke Henry of Camp Hill, Joshua Herbster of Shippensburg, Steven Hetrick of Enola, Daniel Holmgren of Shippensburg, Zoe Holtry of Shippensburg, Sydney Huber of Mechanicsburg, Hayden Hunt of Shippensburg, Annetta Hurst of Shippensburg, Daniel Ilgenfritz of Carlisle, Mackenzie Johnson of Shippensburg, Ethan Jones of Carlisle, Kevin Juliana of Mechanicsburg, William Keating of Carlisle, Adam Keh of Shippensburg, Melanie Kelso of Shippensburg, Brittany Kennedy of Carlisle, Isaac Kipe of Shippensburg, Tyler Kirby of Shippensburg, Austin Kissinger of Mechanicsburg, Rachel Kline of Shippensburg, MacKenzie Knight of Mechanicsburg, Raymond Knight of Shippensburg, Elizabeth Kolinsky of Mechanicsburg, Demetrios Koutsokostas of New Cumberland, Tyler Kuhn of Carlisle, Grace Kyle of Newville, Tam Lam of Mount Holly Springs, Gemma Laverty of Newville, Matthew Lawrence of Mechanicsburg, Evan LeSage of Shippensburg, Megan Lee of Shippensburg, Elle Lehman of Carlisle, Jason Lenker of Carlisle, Alexa Lentz of Newville, Samantha Lohman of Shippensburg, Mackenzie Longworth of Shippensburg, Ian Loscher of Carlisle, Ethan Mackanick of Shippensburg, Kali Mackey of Carlisle, Shannan Maher of Enola, Mary Mankamyer of Shippensburg, Madison Markley of Mechanicsburg, Tyler Marriott of Carlisle, Riley Martin of Shippensburg, McCaffrey Martone of Mechanicsburg, Wyatt Martz of Carlisle, Emily May of Shippensburg, Robert McClure of Shippensburg, Caley McGuigan of Mechanicsburg, Delaney McWilliams of Mechanicsburg, Kiersten Melder of Mechanicsburg, Todd Melisauskas of Shippensburg, Kaitlyn Mentzer of Camp Hill, Abigail Miller of Camp Hill, John Miller of Camp Hill, Jonathan Miller of Newville, Brittany Minguez of Carlisle, Sienna Mira of Boiling Springs, Lisa Montgomery of Mechanicsburg, Laurel Moore of Shippensburg, Emileigh Moriarty of Enola, Bailey Morrison of Newville, Jessalyn Morrow of Carlisle, Jacob Mundis of Enola, Elizabeth Nee of Shippensburg, Ryan Ness of Shippensburg, Justin Noel of Mechanicsburg, Andrew Norman of Carlisle, Michael O’Connor of Mechanicsburg, Morgan O’Donnell of Enola, Liam Ocker of Carlisle, Alideeq Osman of Mechanicsburg, Harun Pacavar of Shippensburg, Alex Palmer of Carlisle, JunJie Pan of Mechanicsburg, Andrew Pelow of Shippensburg, Riana Peters of Carlisle, Natalee Piper of Mount Holly Springs, Samuel Pittenger of Carlisle, Raelyn Predix of Enola, Jeremiah Quigley of Mechanicsburg, Jocelyn Rainey of Carlisle, Alexis Rhine of Carlisle, Ethan Rhoads of Newville, Justin Ridilla of Carlisle, Marissa Riedy of Mechanicsburg, Christa Rine of Shippensburg, Alyssa Roadcap of Boiling Springs, Justin Rosas of Mechanicsburg, Robert Roush of Newville, Eric Ruiz of Carlisle, Keirstyn Ruth of Newville, Taylor Schmalz of Enola, Lindsay Seifert of Shippensburg, Christopher Shell of Carlisle, Anthony Shires of New Cumberland, Casey Shoff of Mechanicsburg, William Shriner of Newville, Madison Shughart of Carlisle, Gabrielle Silvious of Carlisle, Chase Slenker of Enola, Dylan Smith of Carlisle, Dylan Smith of Shippensburg, Emily Smith of Shippensburg, Michael Smith of Shippensburg, Katie Spengler of Shippensburg, Megan Stambaugh of Carlisle, AnnaMarie Starvaggi of Mechanicsburg, John Stewart of Shippensburg, Anna Stoner of Enola, Brooke Stoner of Enola, Lanie Swanger of Mechanicsburg, Sophia Swartley of Mechanicsburg, Cole Thayer of Mechanicsburg, Jason Thompson of Newville, Kaitlyn Thompson of Mechanicsburg, Cameron Tinner of Shippensburg, Jenna Trolinger of Carlisle, Elizabeth Wagner of Enola, Adrianna Waring of Boiling Springs, Avery Warrick of Enola, Isabel Weaver of Carlisle, Madison Wickard of Carlisle, Kelly Wilson of Newville, Cole Wolaver of Carlisle, Kersten Wolf of Carlisle, Alexis Wolfe of Shippensburg, Ethan Wolfe of Shippensburg, Seika Yamamoto of Mechanicsburg, Kaylee Zakovich of Enola, Halle Zullinger of Shippensburg, Peter de Bruin of Shippensburg, Kira Belcher of Shippensburg, Mara Broadwater of Shippensburg, JaJuan Brown of Shippensburg, Hannah Bucher of Shippensburg, Daphne Calder of Shippensburg, Rachel Connor of Shippensburg, Hannah Cornell of Shippensburg, Kole Cornman of Shippensburg, Zachary Davis of Shippensburg, Rachel Dehoff of Shippensburg, Jared Diehl of Shippensburg, Morgan Dryzal of Shippensburg, Kaitlyn Durff of Shippensburg, Cedric Green of Shippensburg, Ketra Grove of Shippensburg, Jennifer Harfst of Shippensburg, Noah Hays of Shippensburg, Hayleigh Highlands of Shippensburg, Mason Holtry of Shippensburg, Dillon LaBonte of Shippensburg, Marlee Lackey of Shippensburg, Jaesoon Lee of Shippensburg, Helenna Lenn of Shippensburg, Megan Mowers of Shippensburg, Manasiben Patel of Shippensburg, Seth Pearson of Shippensburg, Hunter Perrin of Shippensburg, Ethan Rosenberry of Shippensburg, Aaron Ross of Shippensburg, Seth Sjoberg of Shippensburg, James Telesky of Shippensburg, Jeremy Telesky of Shippensburg, Adeline Williams of Newburg, Alyssa Beaston of Loysville, Gaven Bupp of Shermans Dale, Caitlyn Cauffman of Millerstown, Matthew Chiccini of Landisburg, Julia Ferreira of Landisburg, Hallie Fry of Landisburg, Natalie Geesaman of New Bloomfield, Samuel Groff of Shermans Dale, Jesica Hoover of Duncannon, Katelyn Huston of Newport, Hannah Kretzing of Loysville, Emily Peters of Newport, Jessica Ramos of Shermans Dale, Jacob Richcreek of Shermans Dale, Logan Roadcap of Marysville, Tyler Sanders of Newport, Connor Shope of New Bloomfield, Jared Shope of New Bloomfield, Paige Shope of Landisburg, Alyssa Spease of Duncannon, Melissa Ulanoski of Millerstown, Shania Wentz of Newport, Andrew Wertz of New Bloomfield, Rae Ziegler of New Bloomfield, Jacob Andrews of Dillsburg, Emily Davidson of Mechanicsburg, Kasey Feaser of Dillsburg, Daniel Fiscus of Dillsburg, Kyra Gerber of Dillsburg, Madelynn Gruber of Dillsburg, Sydney Horvath of Dillsburg, Kelly Krebs of New Cumberland, Bayli Krick of Shiremanstown, Matthew McAneny of Dillsburg, Taegen McCoy of Dillsburg, Kathleen McCracken of Dillsburg, Jacey Moyer of Dillsburg, Kentucky Nelson of Dillsburg, Luke Parker of Mechanicsburg, Jacob Sacoman of Dillsburg, Kyla Sullivan of Dillsburg, Ryan Yeager of Dillsburg
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of Slippery Rock University: Kayla Bear of Carlisle, Connor Benfield of Carlisle, Donald Boley of Carlisle, Benjamin Byers of Newburg, Avery Clukey of Mechanicsburg, Aidan Cornman of Carlisle, Madison Creps of Mechanicsburg, Accalia Decker of Shermans Dale, Kendal Kornfeld of Mechanicsburg, Emma Lawyer of Boiling Springs, Dalaney Lyons of Dillsburg, Krista McCormack of Duncannon, Logan Racer of Dillsburg, Nathaniel Richwine of Enola, Zsuzsanna Smith of Mechanicsburg, Natalie Smith of New Bloomfield, Taylor Snyder of Dillsburg, Kayla Swope of Dillsburg, Christina Vega-Alemany of Mechanicsburg, Samantha Wynne of Mechanicsburg
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of Lebanon Valley College: Mary Kilcoyne of Camp Hill, Donald McAuliffe of Enola, Rohan Lala of Mechanicsburg, Austin Wright of Enola, Emily Kline of Newport, Jacob Kocher of Camp Hill, Aj Frownfelter of New Cumberland, Trent Coulon of Dillsburg, Zachary Garner of Mechanicsburg, Gina Natale of Camp Hill, Amelia Mantione of Mechanicsburg, Jace Fetterman of Carlisle, Andrew Loy of Millerstown, Allison Jedrzejek of Mechanicsburg, Anna Lougee of Mechanicsburg, Matthew Bowman of Mechanicsburg, Abigail Sweger of Newville, Alison August of Carlisle, Brooke August of Carlisle, Victoria Hall of Camp Hill, Camryn Ruopp of Mechanicsburg, Morgan Landis of Dillsburg, Jessica Rogers of New Cumberland, Ada Marrazzo of Mechanicsburg, Derrick Hornbaker of Newburg, Leila May of Duncannon, Walker Klinger of Newport, Cassidy Reed of Newport, Kaylea Garman of Newburg, Joshua Otto of Boiling Springs, Alyssa Peiffer of Mechanicsburg, Amanda Evans of Enola, Ashlyn Urich of Duncannon, Dain Vallie of Carlisle, Gerard Kole of Mount Holly Springs, Austin Noll of Lemoyne, Jessi Wenger of New Cumberland, Karli Bigler of Mechanicsburg, Kennedy Kuffa of Mechanicsburg, Adam Minarich of Camp Hill, Taylor Borrell of Enola, Lauren Miller of Mechanicsburg, Samantha Burdette of Shiremanastown, Michael De Falcis of Mechanicsburg, Christopher Seltzer of Dillsburg, Grace Lundvall of New Cumberland, Mandi Armstrong of Duncannon, Debra McBride of New Bloomfield, Lindsey McCurdy of New Bloomfield, Trevor Hamilton of Carlisle, Marcus Walko of Mechanicsburg, Aubri Noll of Lemoyne, Bailey Harper of Mechanicsburg, Nivedita Dubey of Enola, Emma Simpson of Dillsburg, Alexandra Ward of Mount Holly Springs, Mallory Anderson of Newport, Morgan Levan of Newport
  • The following students were named to the president’s list of Coastal Carolina University: Madison Albert of Carlisle, Anthony Defrank of Mechanicsburg, Tyler Hancock of Enola, Riley Lehman of Mechanicsburg, Paxton Masaracchia of Enola
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of Coastal Carolina University: Adriana Bender of Dillsburg, Payton Ebersole of Dillsburg, Annika Hummel of Mechanicsburg, Georgianna Mladenoff of Dillsburg, Tanner Rutz of Mechanicsburg, Alex Widmer of Camp Hill
  • The following students were named to the president’s list of Southern New Hampshire University: Amanda Harrington of Mechanicsburg, Jacob Schmehl of Mechanicsburg, Grace Pierce of Mechanicsburg, McKenzie Henry of Carlisle, Micala Braun of Enola, Brianna Benson of Carlisle, Stacey Welsh of Shippensburg, Tameeka Harley of Mechanicsburg, Blake Dremann of Camp Hill, Anthony Derr of Millerstown, Tod Newman of Enola, Dyllen Campbell of Loysville, Angelina Neidert of Camp Hill, Amanda Metzel of Shippensburg, Jeremy Wagner of Carlisle, Krystle Dennis of Camp Hill, Taylar Bevins of Enola, John Bowden of Mechanicsburg, Alyssa Fornelli of Mechanicsburg, John Anderson of Carlisle, Rochelle Doyle of Carlisle, Amberly Dyla-Romero of Camp Hill, Brittany Shetter of Newport, Carter Van Scyoc of Shippensburg, Larry Zettlemoyer of Newvile, Matthew Zyroll of Camp Hill
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of Southern New Hampshire University: Taren Dopp of Dillsburg, Jeffrey Holman of Camp Hill, Benjamin Wilcoxon of Mechanicsburg, Liam Brenneis of Boiling Springs, Kalie Shoulders of Carlisle, Jacob Louden of Mechanicsburg, Abigail Hurlbut of Mechanicsburg, Austin McIntosh of Shippensburg, Kyle Reese of Newburg, Kira Giambastian of Carlisle
  • The following students were named to the dean’s list of Bucknell University: Minhaj Bhuiyan of Camp Hill, Joseph Carey of Camp Hill, Ben Freedenberg of Camp Hill, Nick Perry of Camp Hill, Matt Edlin of Carlisle, Alli Howell of Carlisle, Sara DeMichele of Mechanicsburg, Reid Fournier of Mechanicsburg, Mara McInroy of Mechanicsburg, Hanna Paul of Mechanicsburg

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Check out the area students who were named to the dean's and president's lists of their respective colleges.

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