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  • The following students from Lebanon Valley College were named to the dean’s list: Erik Kaufman of Carlisle, Kaitlyn McCarthy of Carlisle, Abigail Stoner of Mechanicsburg, Devin Brown of New Cumberland, Shea Fisher of Shippensburg, Abigail Samuelsen of Camp Hill, Elizabeth Drda of Camp Hill, Leila May of Duncannon, Rebecca Campbell of Dillsburg, Emily Moretz of Camp Hill, Alida Steenkamer of Carlisle, Melissa Metzker of Boiling Springs, Anastasia Bowersox of Mechanicsburg, Olivia Ward of Mechanicsburg, Joshua Herring of Mechanicsburg, Aaron Spahr of Camp Hill, Samantha Brown of Mechanicsburg, Alyssa Miller of Mechanicsburg, Nathaniel Clugston of Duncannon, Alexandria Riggins of Enola, Dominique Guimond of Mechanicsburg, Kyrsten Ford of Mechanicsburg, Katherine Dudding of Dillsburg, David Sgrignoli of Enola, Christina Ward of Mount Holly Springs, Taylor Pentz of Carlisle, Alison Noga of Enola, Stephanie Jones of Shippensburg, Rachael Barrick of Mechanicsburg, Noah Resuta of Camp Hill, Brianna Foster of Carlisle, MacKenzie Kyzer of Mechanicsburg, Tabitha Luzier of Marysville, Noah Miccio of Camp Hill, Christian Puchalsky of Shermans Dale, Cooper Romig of Dillsburg, Shami Beni of Enola, Brooke August of Carlisle, Zachary Garner of Mechanicsburg, Grace Lundvall of New Cumberland, Shelby Anderson of Newport, Abigail Reeder of Dillsburg, Kaitlyn Stamm of Mount Holly Springs, Nicolas Nugent of Enola, Camryn Ruopp of Mechanicsburg
  • The following students from Eastern Mennonite University were named to the dean’s list: Julie Crouse of Shippensburg, Elizabeth Huffman of Mechanicsburg, Cheyenne Marzullo of Shippensburg
  • The following students from Kutztown University were named to the dean’s list: Bethany Baker of Carlisle, Kelsey Barker of Camp Hill, Lindsay Betza of Mechanicsburg, Emma Brackett of Camp Hill, Eric Bradley of Mechanicsburg, Taylor Brown of Dillsburg, Ty Chronister of Carlisle, Anthony Dellinger of Carlisle, Pamela Edris of Mechanicsburg, Deidre Forney of New Cumberland, Kelley Golden of Carlisle, Jeremy Hafner of Carlisle, Madeline Hartmann of Mechanicsburg, Dillon Heatwole of Dillsburg, Zachary Hirst of Mechanicsburg, Neil Kitner of Newport, Caleb Lawrence of Boiling Springs, Jordan Leitz of Mechanicsburg, Collin Levis of Mechanicsburg, Alisea Munshower of Dillsburg, Cody Myers of Carlisle, Kelsey Myers of Newport, Ian Petrillo of Mechanicsburg, Yoana Reyes-Diaz of Gardners, Sabina Russo of Mechanicsburg, Alexandria Shope of Carlisle, Mary Shriner of Carlisle, Hannah Snyder of Carlisle, Andrew Sulon of Mechanicsburg, Troy Warner of Mechanicsburg, Pualani Wilder of Mechanicsburg, Cole Winters of Mount Holly Springs, Zachary Wynn of Mechanicsburg
  • The following student from Immaculata University was named to the dean’s list: Emma Richey of Mechanicsburg
  • The following students from Slippery Rock University were named to the dean’s list: Donald Boley of Carlisle, Avery Clukey of Mechanicsburg, Dylan Davis of Mechanicsburg, Madison Dudek of Enola, Kyle Edgar of Mechanicsburg, Jonathan Erb of Mechanicsburg, Miranda Gallucci of Camp Hill, Gracen Hilsinger of Mechanicsburg, Darian Humer of New Bloomfield, Jessica Jones of Mechanicsburg, Erin Lee of Shippensburg, Pauline Matthew of New Cumberalnd, Benjamine McEldowney of Boiling Springs, Emilie McElhenie of New Cumberland, Kimberly Nickle of Carlisle, Melitta Parzyszek of Dillsburg, Hope Pavlakovich of Mechanicsburg, Arlana Racer of Dillsburg, Eugene Rodgers of Mechanicsburg, Jesse Sheaffer of Millerstown, Lindsey Smith of Mechanicsburg, Erika Thomas of Mount Holly Springs, Cale Walker of Dillsburg
  • The following students from Lehigh University were named to the dean’s list: Brady Coleman of Shippensburg, Yuwei Gao of Mechanicsburg, Aidan Moretz of New Cumberland, Megan Tomalis of Camp Hill, Devin Yeatter of Shippensburg
  • The following students from Bob Jones University was named to the dean’s list: Jordan Crews of Mechanicsburg, Kaylee Dreese of Marysville, Jessie-Marie Heath of Newport
  • The following students from Bloomsburg University were named to the dean’s list: Heath Boyer of Millerstown, Jenna Iorfida of Mechanicsburg, Stephanie Kibler of Marysville, Jessica Kole of Mount Holly Springs, Collin Schutjer of Mechanicsburg, Michael Zimmerman of Mechanicsburg, Abigail Bishop of Mechanicsburg, Josephine Carlton of Carlisle, Kiersten Edwards of Camp Hill, Alexa Erney of Carlisle, Miranda Fawver of Millerstown, Hannah Getz of Carlisle, Natalee Holtry of Shippensburg, Lindsey House of Shermans Dale, Keenan Huss of Mechanicsburg, Tiffani Johnson of Enola, Clifford Jones of Carlisle, Allyson Kaufell of Newport, Emily Kiner of Newport, Jordan Long of Landisburg, Allison Markel of Camp Hill, Abigail Potter of Millerstown, Abigail Schaefer of Newville, Haley Scott of Carlisle, Trisha Young of Enola, Lauren Ackerman of Mechanicsburg, Amelia Chapman of New Cumberland, Natasha Dobbs of Shippensburg, Jaclyn Ehrhardt of Mechanicsburg, Cara Eschenmann of Carlisle, Truman Grimm of Millerstown, Taylor Hartman of Newport, Danielle Hoover of Carlisle, Lexxi Kordes of Carlisle, Jacob Logan of Dillsburg, Benjamin Maust of Mechanicsburg, Connor Mckay of Mechanicsburg, Cristina Popescu of Enola, Sydney Rimmer of Mechanicsburg, Kirsten Russell of Mechanicsburg, Madelynne Staley of Carlisle, Kendyl Swank of Mechanicsburg, Katherine Thomas of Carlisle, Christopher Davis of Camp Hill, Benjamin Finkbeiner of Carlisle, Eric Gerow of Mechanicsburg, Jonathan Gibson of Enola, Jordyn Heckard of Mechanicsburg, Katelyn Highlands of Mechanicsburg, Daniel Hinssen of Shiremanstown, Elizabeth Horn of Dillsburg, Danielle James of Enola, Natalie Kaplan of Mechanicsburg, Brandon Kauffman of Enola, Michelle Lawyer of New Cumberland, Nicholas Malone of Newport, Tessann Merkel of Mechanicsburg, Brianna Metzger of Mount Holly Springs, Zachary Newmyer of New Cumberland, Savhanna Paul of Enola, Lucas Pertschi of Camp Hill, Lainey Richwine of Enola, Joseph Roe of Camp Hill, Meg Ronan of Carlisle, Leah Sentz of Dillsburg, Caitlyn Smith of Carlisle, Taylor Sneidman of Mechanicsburg, Kirstyn Sokolsky of Carlisle, Allison Sowers of Gardners, Zoe St Cyr of Carlisle, Rachael Strockbine of Mechanicsburg, Meghan Umphred of Duncannon, Allison Waltman of Mechanicsburg, Eric Williams of Dillsburg, Cassidy Wirth of Mechanicsburg, Devon Wrightstone of Enola, Jordan Wyant of Mechanicsburg, Hannah Yohn of Enola, Willow Yorlets of Mechanicsburg.
  • The following student from Hamilton College was named to the dean’s list: Jacob Leebron of Lemoyne
  • The following student from The University of Rhode Island was named to the dean’s list: Sarah Chambers of Carlisle
  • The following students from Clarion University were named to the dean’s list: Avinger Arnold of Camp Hill, Margaret Brown of Camp Hill, Zoe Richwine of Camp Hill, Tree Zuzzio of Camp Hill, Peyton Bramble of Carlisle, Keagan Hesse of Carlisle, Matthew Peiper of Carlisle, Sara Trego of Carlisle, Kelly Barton of Mechanicsburg, Melissa Fischetti of Mechanicsburg, Kirsten Heisner of Mechanicsburg, Emily Middlekauff of Mechanicsburg, Vinisha Reddy of Mechanicsburg, Damodica Robinson of Mechanicsburg, Christina Sather of Mechanicsburg, Abigail Searfoss of Mechanicsburg, Smaran Teru of Mechanicsburg, Elina Wright of Mechanicsburg, Olivia Stouffer of Newville, Jia Zhu of Shippensburg
  • The following student from Lincoln Memorial University was named to the dean’s list: Addison Kirkpatrick of Carlisle
  • The following students from Penn College were named to the dean’s list: Daniel Bauer of Carlisle, Tiffany Brown of Mechanicsburg, Anthony Cleary of Carlisle, Zachary Crise of Mount Holly Springs, Jonathan Fischer of New Cumberland, Rachel Gobin of Carlisle, Tiffany Griffie of Newville, Kristina Holland of Mechanicsburg, Peter Hoy of Carlisle, Ryan Mahoney of Mount Holly Springs, William Morrow of Newville, Christopher Page of Mechanicsburg, Brittany Patterson of Carlisle, Samuel Pham of Camp Hill, Samuel Schock of Enola, Chloe Strader of Carlisle, Tyler Sunday of Mechanicsburg, Devin Watson of Shippensburg, Alexander Weltmer of Mount Holly Springs, Shannon Wescoat of Carlisle, Abigail Williams of Mechanicsburg, Carson Seese of Shippensburg, Joseph Suto of Shippensburg, Black Thrush of Shippensburg, Morgan Keller of Shermans Dale, Austin Perkins of Shermans Dale, Kaitlin Pressler of New Bloomfield, John Provenza of Marysville, Jadyn Temple of Duncannon, Olivia Birt of Dillsburg, Levi Pomeroy of Dillsburg, Ethan Rhodes-O’Brien of Dillsburg, Dylan Spanier of Dillsburg, Nathan Watson of Dillsburg
  • The following students from Grove City College were named to the dean’s list: Kate Spaan of Camp Hill, Grace Dymski of Carlisle, Joelee Pasztor of Carlisle, Maddison Reapsome of Carlisle, Sarah Smith of Carlisle, Paige Snyder of Carlisle, Anna Sweger of Carlisle, Nathaneal Curry of Dillsburg, Katie Lavenberg of Elliottsburg, Caleb Hartman of Mechanicsburg, Taylor Haverstock of Mechanicsburg, Sam Jacobs of Mechanicsburg, Alec Gehman of Mechanicsburg, Margaret LaGrand of Mechanicsburg, Alan Potok of Mechanicsburg, Joe Holston of New Cumberland, Jael Compton of Newport, Cody Gustafson of Newburg, Tyler Gustafson of Newville, Joshua Tatum of Shippensburg.
  • The following students from Mansfield University were named to the president’s list: Caitlin Beauduy of New Cumberland, Kara Fetter of Carlisle, Catherine Hoover of Enola
  • The following students from Mansfield University were named to the dean’s list: Elizabeth Anderson of Carlisle, Noah Buck of Duncannon, Samantha Eckrich of Carlisle, Ty Faichney of Mechanicsburg, Madeline Jenkins of Enola, Sierra-Marie Kline of Gardners, Rochelle Myers of Marysville, Jessica Neidinger of Duncannon, Carra Stevens of Duncannon, Misty Van Horn of Newport
  • The following students from the University of Vermont were named to the dean’s list: Andrew Robyak of Dillsburg, Alexandra Crosby of Mechanicsburg, Brenna Finegan of Camp Hill