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The following student from the University of Connecticut has been named to the Dean’s List: Victoria Albright of Landisburg

The following students from Shepherd University have been named to the Dean’s List: Elizabeth A. Mott of Carlisle, Noah G. Auman of Shippensburg, Heidi A. Macaluso of Shippensburg

The following students from Mansfield University have been named to the President’s List: Caitlin Beauduy of New Cumberland, Kara Fetter of Carlisle, Catherine Hoover of Enola, Rachel Sterner of Duncannon

The following students from Mansfield University have been named to the Dean’s List: Elizabeth Anderson of Carlisle, Kyle Blose of Marysville, Nichole Holman of Duncannon, Travis Keefe of Duncannon, Jessica Neidinger of Duncannon, Conner Newkam-Ulrich of New Cumberland, Alyssa Osten of Mechanicsburg, Carra Stevens of Duncannon, Matthew Tamanosky of Camp Hill, Sydney Thompson of Mechanicsburg, Morgan Vallie of Carlisle, Misty Van Horn of Newport

The following student from Baylor University has been named to the Dean’s List: Sean Michael Van Gorder of Boiling Springs

The following students from Central Penn College have been named to the Dean’s List: Denise Deibler of Boiling Springs, Maria Torres of Camp Hill, Joshua Miller of Camp Hill, Jason Witmer of Camp Hill, Lauren Garber of Camp Hill, Jenelle Groninger of Camp Hill, Dalton Riggleman of Camp Hill, Heather Reyes of Camp Hill, Justin Borman of Camp Hill, Janine Grove of Camp Hill, Matthew McLaughlin of Camp Hill, Khoa Dinh of Camp Hill, Alyssa Simmons of Camp Hill, Kelsey Martin of Carlisle, Martha Cuneo of Carlisle, Marnie Baker of Carlisle, Julie Sodmont of Carlisle, Jeffrey Stoke of Carlisle, Tyler Coleman of Carlisle, Megan Nieding of Carlisle, Kiersten Giles of Carlisle, Megan Gump of Carlisle, Louis Marcella-Moore of Carlisle, Justine Bauer of Dillsburg, Kinsey Anderson of Dillsburg, Danielle Garretson of Dillsburg, Derek Kuhn of Dillsburg, James Broughton of Duncannon, Troy Sturgeon of Duncannon, Julie Diehl of Duncannon, Dawn Williams of Duncannon, Christopher Mineo of Dillsburg, Kyle Thoman of Elliottsburg, Whitney Fickes of Enola, Daniel Metallo of Enola, Elaine Redmond of Enola, Thomas Schreiner of Enola, Fawn Van Brederode of Enola, Chris Stewart of Enola, Brian Wright of Enola, James Cieri of Enola, Morgan Costanzo of Enola, Thomas Eager of Enola, Chris Heilman of Enola, Sarah Ramirez of Enola, Iris Roman of Enola, Malissa Sheibley of Enola, Breeauna Thompson of Enola, Carla King of Landisburg, Michael Babaian of Lemoyne, Angella Moreno of Lemoyne, Marissa Joynt of Lemoyne, Daniel Malloy Jr. of Lemoyne, Scott Wilson of Marysville, Roman Alcazar of Mechanicsburg, Barbara Cain of Mechanicsburg, Ellen Coleman of Mechanicsburg, Eric Johnson of Mechanicsburg, Chelsea Smerling of Mechanicsburg, Charlie Hughley of Mechanicsburg, Zachary Morrill of Mechanicsburg, Christine Donaghy of Mechanicsburg, Kathryn Gaul of Mechanicsburg, Cho Lwin of Mechanicsburg, Melissa Mellott of Mechanicsburg, Sommer Patterson of Mechanicsburg, Jason Schulman of Mechanicsburg, Aaron Sobotor of Mechanicsburg, Brian Davis of Mechanicsburg, Andrew Feehan of Mechanicsburg, Renalie Huerto of Mechanicsburg, Niles Royer of Mechanicsburg, Angelica Williams of Mechanicsburg, Agnieszka Wrobel of Mechanicsburg, Jaclyn Keys of Mechanicsburg, Justine Sheffer of Mechanicsburg, Victoria Chajai of Mechanicsburg, Matthew Connolly of Mechanicsburg, Kiersten Sanders of Mechanicsburg, George Moore of Millerstown, Tyler Underwood of New Bloomfield, Jamie Irwin of New Cumberland, Elizabeth Moyer of New Cumberland, Amber Ferree of New Cumberland, Lisa Kennedy of New Cumberland, Kiehra Atticks of New Cumberland, Sarah Butler of New Cumberland, Jay Kolanko of New Cumberland, Jennifer Gantt of Newport, Matthew Welfley of Newport, Camillia Anthony of Newport, Roy Walters of Newport, James Hepschmidt of Shermans Dale, Garrett Shover of Shermans Dale, Matthew Wright of Shermans Dale, Jaime Buechel of Shermans Dale, Heather Rudy of Shermans Dale, Meta Sutton of Shippensburg, Carmen Ortiz of Shiremanstown, Tonia Hooper of Walnut Bottom, Chloe Yinger of York Springs

The following students from Coastal Carolina University have been named to the President’s List: Dane Barrick of Marysville, Bethany Schoppert of Camp Hill

The following students from Coastal Carolina University have been named to the Dean’s List: Caitlin Fox of Carlisle, Hannah Heiges of Enola, Karis Hench of Mechanicsburg, Autumn Otto of Carlisle, Ruth Schutjer of Mechanicsburg, Olivia Stowman of Mechanicsburg

The following students from Grove City College have been named to the Dean’s List: Luke Leone of Camp Hill, Joelee Pasztor of Carlisle, MacKenzie Stine of Carlisle, Kevin Ballentine of Carlisle, Maddison Reapsome of Carlisle, Megan Smith of Carlisle, Anna Sweger of Carlisle, Brook Albright of Landisburg, Caleb Hartman of Mechanicsburg, Kristy Zweiacher of Mechanicsburg, Alec Gehman of Mechanicsburg, Margaret LaGrand of Mechanicsburg, Alan Potok of Mechanicsburg, Jason Streit of Mechanicsburg, Joe Holston of New Cumberland, Casey Compton of Newport, Cody Gustafson of Newburg, Tyler Gustafson of Newburg, Cade Myers of Shippensburg, Joshua Tatum of Shippensburg

The following students from East Stroudsburg University have been named to the Dean’s List: Halle Frisco of Mechanicsburg, Austin Grimm of Dillsburg, Jordan Hertz of Mechanicsburg, Taylor Howery of Biglerville, Zachary Mansfield of New Cumberland, Chase May of New Bloomfield, Rusty Miller of Dillsburg, Nicholas Parry of Dillsburg, Summer Reeder of East Waterford, Alisha Rohrer of Carlisle, Melanie Shambaugh of Shermans Dale, Megan Solorzano of Dillsburg, Andrea Telatovich of Camp Hill, Zachary Waldman of Mechanicsburg

The following student from the College of William & Mary has been named to the Dean’s List: Colleen Scott from Camp Hill

The following student from University of Central Missouri has been named to the Dean’s List: Nicholas Scott Victor of Carlisle

The following students from Slippery Rock University have been named to the Dean’s List: Benjamin A. McEldowney of Boiling Springs, Miranda M. Gallucci of Camp Hill, Martina Mikulic of Camp Hill, Trysten J. McDonald of Camp Hill, Reily A. Robinson of Camp Hill, Kimberly S. Nickle Carlisle, Arlana M. Racer of Dillsburg, Melitta L. Parzyszek of Dillsburg, Cale A. Walker of Dillsburg, Garrett Mixon of Dillsburg, Klohie E. Sourbeer of Enola, Brendan T. Schneiderman of Enola, Madison C. Dudek of Enola, Dominique J. Pelayo of Enola, Lindsey N. Smith of Mechanicsburg, Jonathan D. Erb of Mechanicsburg, Jessica Touzinsky of Mechanicsburg, Jessica Jones of Mechanicsburg, Hannah R. Madden of Mechanicsburg, Kyle M. Edgar of Mechanicsburg, Hayley M. Crownover of Mechanicsburg, Olivia C. Black of Mechanicsburg, Erika A. Thomas of Mount Holly Springs, Darian L. Humer of New Bloomfield, Pauline E. Matthew of New Cumberland, Emilie L. McElhenie of New Cumberland, Aidan F. Lauzon of Newport, Maggie M. Clay of Newport, Jesse E. Sheaffer of Millerstown

The following students from Widener University have been named to the Dean’s List: Derrick Coleman of Carlisle, Justin O’Brien of Carlisle, Emily Baker of Newville, Nathan Mirando of Mechanicsburg, James Forbes of Dillsburg, Emma Digilio of Mechanicsburg, Drew Amsley of Carlisle, Anne Lucius of Camp Hill, David Reider of Mechanicsburg, James Lisk of Carlisle, Kelly Grier of Enola

The following students from the University of Vermont have been named to the Dean’s List: Conrad Sacher of Camp Hill, Linden Trimmer of Camp Hill, Madeline Shultes of Carlisle, Jennifer Nigro of New Cumberland, Anna Hurd of Biglerville

The following students from the University of Rhode Island have been named to the Dean’s List: Michael Logar of Camp Hill, Sarah Chambers of Carlisle, Kelsey Young of Mechanicsburg

The following students from Mount Aloysius College have been named to the Dean’s List: Ashley Stough of Dillsburg, Emily Black of New Cumberland

The following students from California University of Pennsylvania have been named to the Dean’s List: Erin Meckler of Boiling Springs, Makayla Froseth of Camp Hill, Andrea Ceja of Camp Hill, Keara Ashworth of Carlisle, Hope Miller of Carlisle, Sean Scott of Carlisle, Taylor Shenk of Carlisle, Derek Sweger of Carlisle, Michael Ash of Mechanicsburg, Jaron Castranio of Mechanicsburg, Breon Coke of Mechanicsburg, Logan Duras of Mechanicsburg, Teagan Kocher of Mechanicsburg, Helen Mullin of Mechanicsburg, Bradley Powell of Mechanicsburg, Brynna Sherony of Mechanicsburg, Madison Will of Mechanicsburg, Nikolas Lukic of New Cumberland, Makenzie Cleary of Newburg, Jaymi Feuchtenberger of Newville, Alyssa Haskell of Shippensburg, Abbagail Kitzmiller of Shippensburg, Krista Wentz of Millerstown