Hampden Township Police Wednesday are warning residents of a phone scam after receiving a report from a township resident.

The resident reported to police that the caller says he is from AT&T and is talking to customers about dropped calls in the area and that they are installing updated towers to assist with the issue.

The caller then offered a $20 credit per line for the inconvenience. The caller knew the resident’s phone numbers and that the resident had three lines in the home.

Police said the caller then also mentioned the resident will receive a letter in the mail and a text, which the resident immediately received. The text asked to change a password, and the resident noted that the call with the scammer was a bad connection.

The caller said the resident should click on the link in the text so they can track whom they called. The bottom of the text said AT&T will never ask for your pin and to call a number if you did not request it to be reset.

Police said the resident hung up, and the caller tried calling back 10 times after that. The resident also called the number on the text, and it took the resident to a survey asking three questions to be put in a drawing for free cruise tickets.

The resident reported that the phone number shown for the calls was from 1-800-331-0505.