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Wednesday, Feb. 28

7:28 a.m.: automatic fire alarm, West Port Drive, Lower Allen Township; Lower Allen, Upper Allen

10:08 a.m.: nonstructure accident, East North Street, Carlisle; Union

11:07 a.m.: automatic fire alarm, Mount Allen Drive, Upper Allen Township; Upper Allen

2:27 p.m.: automatic fire alarm, Spring House Road, Shippensburg; Vigilant, Cumberland Valley, West End

2:30 p.m.: auto accident, Route 15 North, Upper Allen Township; Upper Allen, Monroe

4:12 p.m.: automatic fire alarm, North Hanover Street, Carlisle; North Middleton

4:36 p.m.: vehicle into a building, West Trindle Road, Middlesex Township; Carlisle Barracks, North Middleton, Union, Carlisle Fire and Rescue

6:32 p.m.: nonstructure fire, North Orange Street, Carlisle; Union

6:47 p.m.: automatic fire alarm, Westminster Driver, South Middleton Township; Union, Carlisle Fire and Rescue

7:16 p.m.: automatic fire alarm, Lisburn Road, Lower Allen Township; Lower Allen, West Shore

10:42 p.m.: automatic fire alarm, Port Side Circle, Hampden Township; Hampden