Within a few months of 30-year-old Daniel Harris being shot and killed inside the Haines Stackfield American Legion in Carlisle police began intercepting phone calls to and from the man they believed pulled the trigger.

For more than a month leading up to the indictment of Robert Anderson, 41, of Carlisle, for Harris’s murder, police listened in on Anderson’s calls.

“They coming straight for me,” Anderson was heard saying on one call. “Well, come at me with what you got.”

“They ain’t stopping until somebody’s locked up,” his son Sadeek Anderson responded.

Roughly two hours of phone conversations were played Monday in open court during Anderson’s trial.

Anderson is charged with first- and second-degree murder, two counts of criminal homicide, felony possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and misdemeanor reckless endangerment, according to court records.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Anderson could face the death penalty.

Harris was shot multiple times inside the American Legion on West Penn Street in Carlisle around 12:45 a.m. June 11, 2016.

Most of the phone conversations played in court Monday involved Anderson speaking with family members about the investigation into the trial, but absent from the recordings was a confession from Anderson.

In one conversation with his girlfriend Jennifer Crespo, Anderson was heard getting angry and telling Crespo that she hurt his alibi.

However, in many instances Anderson said he welcomed a trial if he were to be charged.

“You want to take to trial for something like that, let’s go,” he said. “… The truth shall set you free.”

Several of the calls reference a grand jury investigation into Harris’s death and a prior grand jury investigation into shootings in Carlisle.

In one of those incidents, Anderson was shot multiple times. Harris was believed to be the shooter.

Carlisle Police K9 Officer Jeffrey Kurtz, who is the department’s officer in charge of wiretaps, was on the stand as the recordings were played Monday.

During cross examination, defense attorney Heidi Eakin questioned Kurtz about the firearm used to kill Harris.

That gun was recovered by Philadelphia Police in September 2016 in the possession of Khalil Williams, who Kurtz said was known to come to Carlisle and sell drugs.

Williams was questioned by Carlisle Police, but Kurtz said he had already been ruled out as a suspect.

“The man who had the murder weapon was not a suspect?” Eakin asked.

“That’s correct,” Kurtz responded.

The gun, a 40-caliber Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun, was found during a traffic stop and matched shell casings found at the scene of Harris’s killing.

Williams is in prison on charges arising from that stop and is awaiting trial in a murder case in Philadelphia that occurred a little more than a month after the shooting at the American Legion, according to court records.

Williams was arrested while driving a silver Pontiac Grand Prix.

Eakin showed surveillance video from the night of Harris’s killing showing a silver Pontiac-style sedan driving through Carlisle.

When questioned, Kurtz said he had not been aware of that video.

Anderson’s trial is expected to continue Tuesday and last several more days.

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