CAMP HILL — The separation agreement between Camp Hill Borough and its former police chief Doug Hockenberry shows a payout of three months of his salary and 50 percent of his accumulated, unused sick days.

In November 2017, State Police say Hockenberry was driving with a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit when he crashed into a tree and mailboxes in Perry County. Court documents say Hockenberry did not call police, but did call a towing company to take his truck from the scene.

Hockenberry was approved for Perry County’s one-year Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program. If he completes the program, the DUI charge will no longer appear on his record. In December, Camp Hill Borough Council voted to accept Hockenberry’s resignation and approve a severance agreement.

ABC27 requested a copy of the deal, but was told the terms were not yet finalized. Borough Manager Pat Dennis provided ABC27 with the separation agreement after the borough’s March 14 meeting.

In the document, Hockenberry agrees he will not file claims against the borough, and will not apply for or seek reemployment with Camp Hill.

In addition to the salary and sick-day payout, Hockenberry remains eligible to continue health care coverage under COBRA for up to 18 months after the end of his employment, with the borough reimbursing him for the premium for three months so long as he does not accept other employment. After the premium reimbursement, the borough would not pay any other portion of Hockenberry’s health care benefits.

The agreement does not specify the dollar amount of Hockenberry’s salary or sick-day payout.

Separation agreements of this nature are not unusual in Pennsylvania municipalities. Attorneys say they protect taxpayer dollars because the former employee gives up the right to take the municipality to court.

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