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West Creek Hills

A vote on whether to close West Creek Hills Elementary in East Pennsboro School District was postponed.

ENOLA – The auditorium at the East Pennsboro Area Middle School was full of parents and residents Thursday night who were anxious to hear more about a proposed plan to close West Creek Hills Elementary School.

The plan comes after a study was presented to the board of directors last year. Consultants came up with seven options to improve the district, including closing down the elementary school.

If approved, more than 500 students would be moved to a new building in Enola. Fifth-grade students would rejoin the elementary school.

Superintendent Jay Burkhart says the proposal would be a good opportunity for the long-term growth of the district.

“We look at it as an opportunity to consolidate our operations under one campus,” Burkhart said. “We could recognize some significant savings, so the district could reinvest in programs and have capital on hand.”

The board is considering spending $50 million to build a new elementary school and fund upgrades to other district facilities.

James Beck lives near West Creek Hills Elementary and says now is not that time for the project.

“We just keep spending and spending,” Beck said. “Now is not the time. You can’t keep spending that kind of money.”

Burkhart says the board will likely vote on the proposal at the next board meeting.


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