Hill Street

Hill Street in Mount Holly Springs.

Work could resume this week on the $1.64 million project to replace the storm water drainage system serving Hill Street in Mount Holly Springs.

Borough Manager Tom Day received an update Monday from representatives of Shiloh Paving & Excavating Inc., of York, the contractor hired to do the project.

He learned that work could begin as early as Thursday on the remaining items on the task list, including the correction of a major defect along a section of the 200 block the borough calls the Hill Street extension.

Shiloh could not complete the project last fall because it ran out of warm days to properly mill down and repave that section, which is crucial to the ability of the replacement system to function properly.

The scope of work required Shiloh to slope the center of the street as a crown to stop water draining off South Mountain from crossing over and flooding private property. The project design called for the crown to redirect storm water into a drainage swale that runs along the Hill Street extension.

While Shiloh repaved the street, the work was not done to design specifications, and the project will not receive final certification until the defect is corrected, Day said in December.

The original completion deadline of Sept. 14 was extended to Nov. 14. From that point on, the contract terms allow the borough to fine Shiloh $500 a day for failure to complete the project by the extended deadline.

When asked Monday, Day said it would be up to the council to decide whether to pursue the late charges. “We have to come to a conclusion,” he said. “It should only take them [Shiloh] a few days to wrap up.”

Meanwhile, workers from a nursery are expected on Tuesday to be in the area of the Holly Inn parking lot to put in close to 100 plants planned for a rain garden, Day said. He told the council Monday that, due to project delays, Shiloh was only able to plant a few trees in the rain garden late in the fall.

The borough received a $1.64 million PennVEST grant for the project. A video survey conducted in 2017 reinforced the need to replace the old Hill Street system.

During that survey, the camera spotted multiple cracks along sections of pipe and there was a two-foot section of pipe that was missing. There was also a 200-foot section of the old pipe that could not be videotaped.

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